Alleged vampire attacks in the Vhembe District, Limpopo has led to tragic and violent responses from local communities. A man accused of being a vampire was beaten to death and burnt by residents of Shikunduville in the Saselamani area.

This is after he was accused of biting an elderly woman Nwajaki Priscinah Chauke [Main Picture] in the mouth.

The woman’s screams for help drew the attention of other members of the community, who rushed to her aid. In their attempt to rescue her, the crowd turned their fury on the alleged attacker.

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Despite their assault, the man allegedly continued his attack, displaying unusual resistance to the beating. This led to the community beating him to death and subsequently burning his body.

Chairperson of the SANCO branch in Saselamani B, Solomon Mathonsi told Limpopo Mirror that the community was now still living in fear.

“I was at church that Sunday, so I did not see the incident as it unfolded,” he said.

“I was told that the deceased, who worked at a local farm, was going to send money to his family in Mozambique when he started fighting with one of his relatives. He ran away and tried to get inside a neighbour’s house. A dog attacked him, which forced him to run to another neighbour.

“He allegedly threatened her that he would bite her and rape her. He attacked her severely, injuring her face, and she looks scary now. Her mouth looks like it is about to be removed, and she appears as if she was attacked by a vicious animal,” he explained.

“When the mob was fighting against him, he was roaring like an animal. He looked like he was possessed by evil spirits. We are now left in fear, both young and old.”

Rumours of a vampire terrorising the Vhembe community surface
Crime Scene


Police in Vhembe have since opened a murder docket after the 29-year-old man was allegedly killed by the community.

The man alleged to be the vampire was identified as Surprise Maluleke of Maineville, a Mozambican with no passport or legal documents. He is said to have been born around 1995.

Meanwhile, a video of old Nwajaki Priscinah Chauke narrating how she was attacked started circulating on social media in the last few weeks.

Chauke can be seen sitting down and drinking water. “He did this to me because he was roaming around my yard. When I asked him what he was looking for, he quickly turned, pushed me. He got inside my house,” she said, speaking in Xitsonga.

Chauke is currently recovering from her wounds at home. The incident incited a lot of fear among community members in Vhembe, with many wondering whether creatures such as vampires really exist in Vhembe.