The abnormal truck that got stuck underneath an overhead bridge at the Smelters Processing Plant on the R37 to Lebowakgomo in the Capricorn District has been removed. The truck got stuck on Friday, 21 April 2023, in the evening.


MEC for Transport and Community in Limpopo, Florence Radzilani instructed her department to act upon receiving information about the incident.

“It was imperative for the Department to conduct an intensive investigation into the matter, in light of the December Boksburg incident, which had multiple fatalities,” said MEC Radzilani.

After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that there were some irregularities and protocols that the truck breached.

1. That, a valid permit has been granted by the Department to the Company, but it was used contrary to its provisions.
2. The approved route was the N11 from Marble Hall via R 519 through Kuschke, R 101 towards the City of Polokwane and then R 521 towards Vivo. The permit did not give the operator permission to use the R37 road.
3. The operator travelled at night, and according to the law, abnormal trucks are only permitted to travel during sunlight.
4. The truck was also travelling without an escort vehicle, which would have been able to detect the height of the bridge. Escort vehicles are normally fitted with height sticks, which are able to detect heights at overhead bridges.

Abnormal truck that got stuck on R37 to Lebowakgomo removed
An abnormal truck that got stuck on R37 to Lebowakgomo removed

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5. The dimensions of the truck were also found to be inconsistent with the permissible conditions as per the application.
 6. The load on the truck was not hazardous, but it was heavy machinery that was being ferried to the mines in the Musina area.
7. A tow truck was used to remove the truck from the scene and escorted it to the Polokwane weigh-bridge.
8. Its permit expired on Friday, 21 April 2023, and the Company has been instructed to apply for a new permit, in order to continue with its journey.
9. Upon securing a new permit, the truck will have to get an escort vehicle for the remainder of the journey.

The truck has also been charged for all these violations and is currently being held at the Polokwane Weighbridge.