Selby Khakhu from Khomela village in Nzhelele, Limpopo took responsibility upon himself to start Animal farming due to the high demand for food.

The grade nine student at Masereni secondary school says he initially started farming to sell to the community. He farms Indigenous Boran, Broilers, Free-range chicken, and Guineafowl.

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Khakhu says he drew inspiration from his father who was a prominent farmer.

“Growing up I had love and passion for farming so my dad and my mom did a borehole back in the day. But they did pursue farming up to this far so growing up encouraged me to start this farming,” he said.

“It was a big problem for me but very difficult to hire more people to plant potatoes, one-hectare potatoes manually because we don’t have a tractor so it took us four days.

“It is also a problem for me but it is even worse for other young farmers who don’t have a tractor,” said Khakhu.

Selby Khakhu [18] making strides in animal farming
Selby Khakhu


He says when he was a young boy his father would send him to the bush-velds to look after cattle while grazing which made him a good shepherd in early ages.

“I got the courage to farm from my parents, especially my father, and instead of me pursuing both animal farming. I got more interested in farming animals. Continued to take care of the indigenous castles when my father gave me cattle I already had experience with,” he said.

But just like any business, there are challenges that Khakhu faces and needs financial assistance.

“I would appreciate it if the government can help me with funds so that I can expand everything in this industry. In terms of diseases, I don’t struggle because I know a lot about medication, and I can help a goat to give birth if it’s struggling. I wish Youth can follow my steps because farming is a source of food.”