It did not come as a surprise, when a security guard at the University of Venda [Univen], Azwinndini Lydia Ramatsea graduated with her BA degree. Ramatsea has been described as a dedicated woman aspiring to better her life against all odds. The 43-year-old is a mother of three (two boys and a girl) and resides at Makonde village in the Vhembe District, Limpopo.

She started her primary education at Ravhura primary school and proceeded to Luvhimba secondary school. She later went to Silemale Secondary School, where she obtained her matric in 2001.


Just like the majority of Black people, she grew up under difficult conditions with an unemployed mother. Her mother passed on when she was just 20. Just like the majority of Black people, she grew up under difficult conditions with an unemployed mother and had to find ways of making ends meet.

Univen security guard graduate with a BA degree in record time
Azwinndini Lydia Ramatsea

This also led to her dropping out of Univen in 2002 due to financial difficulties. She was enrolled for a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences at the time.

Ramatsea has been a full-time security guard at the same University since 2014. On Friday, 19 May 2023, Ramatsea did not only inspire her colleagues and family but the entire nation. Her degree was conferred during the 2023 University of Venda Autumn Graduation Ceremonies.


She told the University’s media department that she became frazzled by guarding other young men and women. Most of her son’s age seeing them attending classes every day while she is working as a security officer.

“I realised that everything is possible, only if you have hope and believe in yourself,” she said.


She completed her BA degree in 2022 in record time. But it doesn’t end there, Ramatsea graduated the same week with her firstborn son Mishumo Kevin Gwambe. Gwambe graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree.

She encourages others who look down on themselves not to give up.

“You might be a security officer or something else. But that does not mean that your future is doomed. Try by all means to achieve your goal in life.”