The fight against illegal miners across the province have once more yielded positive results after two suspects were arrested in Polokwane. This follows the apprehension of two suspects who were caught in the act at Bergeneck village outside Polokwane in Limpopo on Wednesday, 14 September 2022.


Members of the Provincial Organized Crime unit conducted a disruptive joint operation. They teamed together with the Department of Minerals and Energy (DMRE), Tactical Response Team (TRT), Provincial Tracking Team, and Westernburg police. Crime Intelligence, Public Order Policing (POPS) and Home Affairs Immigration officials.


This emanated after a member of the community alerted the police about illegal mining activities that were taking place in the area. This includes a high number of undocumented residents from neighbouring countries.

Two illegal miners arrested in Polokwane

Police pounced at the illegal mining sites and managed to arrest two suspects believed to be Zimbabwean and Lesotho Nationals. Others also evaded the arrest by fleeing on foot in different directions and abandoning their mining equipment.


During the arrest, police confiscated the following properties valued at R120 000 at the mining site as follows:

1 small packet containing gold.

07 pendukas.

03 generators.

Rolls of electric cable.

1 roll of pipe.

4 pendukas motors.

1 Makita jackhammer or demolition breaker.

3 welding gas cylinder.

1 wheelbarrow.

6 water pump motors and explosives.

The suspects aged between 30 and 32 are expected to appear before the Polokwane Magistrate court soon facing charges of illegal mining and Contravention of the Immigration Act.

Police investigations are also continuing.