Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba has congratulated Professor Steve Matshidze for successfully performing a robotic assisted knee replacement surgery at Botlokwa Hospital which is the first of its kind in Limpopo.

MEC Ramathuba has described this surgery as a major achievement and milestone as part of the ongoing Rural Health Matters Campaign. Also aimed at reducing surgical backlogs in rural and remote hospitals.

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“Robot-assisted orthopedic surgery is a significant step forward in reducing surgical backlogs. Improving the quality of healthcare services in rural communities. The utilization of robotics enhances surgical precision, minimizes recovery times, and mitigates risks for patients,” said the department.

Limpopo performs first-ever robotic assisted knee replacement surgery at Botlokwa Hospital

“This breakthrough exemplifies our dedication to advancing medical services in underserved regions. It will pave a way to increase the expedition of orthopedic surgical backlog that has for many years been a challenge for an under-resourced province like Limpopo,” it further read.


“This achievement at Botlokwa Hospital is a testament to the dedication and innovative spirit of our healthcare professionals,” Ramathuba said.

“We anticipate further remarkable developments in the near future. What makes this special is that Botlokwa Hospital is a deep rural hospital. Which is coincidentally built in the village of Charlotte Maxeke. Who is the first black woman to graduate with a science degree in South Africa,” said a very excited MEC Ramathuba