Mayor of the Collins Chabane Municipality in Limpopo, Shadrack Maluleke led the Inter-faith Mass Prayer Day against all social ills. The prayer session was held at the municipality Hall in Malamulele on Thursday.

The Inter-faith Mass Prayer Day is aimed at seeking divine intervention against the increasing number of car accidents, premature death, crime and all social ills currently facing the people of Collins Chabane.

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Religious leaders from various faith organizations led people in prayer and gave words of encouragement and support.

According to Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor Gezane Shadrack Maluleke, the Inter-faith Mass Prayer Day was organised to pray in mass seeking divine intervention.

“In our roads, we have always had public transportation virtually denoting horror. Our private transport, in particular public transport, has painted gory pictures of minibus crashes. Bodies of our loved ones scattered on our roads. We have seen criminal activities in broad daylight and also assassinations under the cover of darkness. When we have prayers for peace such as this one here today, it is also important that we pledge ourselves to end road carnage on our roads,” said Maluleke.

Collins Chabane Municipality hosts prayer session against social ills
Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor, Shadrack Maluleke

He also appeals to the community leaders to apply their minds. As to how best they can contribute to road safety campaigns.

“We must as well pray for political tolerance, repentance, and love, restoration of ubuntu. Peaceful coexistence amongst citizens,” he said.


Collins Chabane Pastors Forum General Secretary, Apostle Khazamula Thompson Nwaila it was a historic day wherein Pastors, Intercessors, Municipality Officials, Traditional Leaders, and other Stakeholders converged together as one to seek the face of God.

“On behalf of Collins Chabane Pastors Forum and the entire Christian community of Collins Chabane, we would like to extend our words of gratitude to the Mayor and his colleagues for granting us an opportunity for Prayer. All the Leaders followed the direction and orders given by pastors who were responsible for prayer Items. The atmosphere of God’s presence could also be felt by everyone. We also believe that God has heard our prayers and Collins Chabane Municipality will never be the same,” said Nwaila.

The Collins Chabane Local Municipality hosted the Communication Forum on Friday, 9 June at the Municipal Chamber. The Forum was constituted by communicators from all local sectors, provincial departments and, municipalities, parastatals and discussed the issues related to communications as well as to provide a platform for municipal communications to better communicate progress in local government performance and facilitate inter-municipal peer learning in Limpopo.

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Collins Chabane Local Municipality Mayor, Shadrack Maluleke urged the communicators to reclaim their space. Become strategic in executing their responsibilities as government communicators.

“As a Professional communicator, you are in a strategic, powerful, and enviable position to advise your political and administrative principles about critical matters within your respective environment,” he said.

Collins Chabane Municipality hosts a communications forum

“This is the role you must completely and seamlessly perform. It is a matter of common sense that communication is an essential function in any organisation. So you need to step up and bridge the apparent communication gap between the government and the public.

“As important catalysts in the course of change, you need to always pick up signals important to those who make decisions,” said Maluleke.


He said this communication forum must afford the communicators an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders on pertinent government communications ideas. Including the extent to which the province, district, and local government communications can be improved.

“As leaders who occupy strategic positions, you have a responsibility to disseminate messages that shape and empower the society. You ought not to fail in this regard. As communicators, we would like to urge you to reflect on the implementation of provincial communication strategy. You must agree to sustain all platforms, and ensure that development communication takes prominence in their messages,” he said.

Department of Home Affairs district manager Vhembe District, Zamba Maluleke said the purpose of the Communication Forum was to discuss the issues related to local and provincial communications. As well as to provide a platform for municipal communications to better communicate progress.

“It assists us to share information with them, our challenges, and other things that Home Affairs is involved in. As the department, we are dealing with death, birth, and everything, we are owing the community the public education. We need to educate them about the requirements when they visit for service at Home Affairs.

Collins Chabane Municipality hosts a communications forum
Zamba Maluleke

“It became important because this Communication Forum assists us to take information to the people. So that when they visit us they come with the entire information and it becomes easier for us to service them,” said Maluleke.

He said communities when they come, let them come to the services. If they are not receiving joy, let them contact the leadership that is displayed on the walls of all Home Affairs. “We are here to help, they must not be dissatisfied without contacting the leadership,” he said.

The Murder trial of the five men accused of killing Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor Moses Maluleke continues at the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane on Monday. The five Men are accused of fatally shooting Maluleke and wounding his son at their home in Xikundu outside Malamulele in July last year.

The Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor murder case was postponed to today to allow the court to gather further evidence. Before it adjourned the Court on Tuesday heard testimony of the state’s third witness, the mayor’s neighbour Hlanganani Manganyi.

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Manganyi says he was at home watching TV with his brother at around 19:00 7 in the evening, when he heard noise that sounded like fireworks. He says they also heard the mayor’s son, Ntokoto Maluleke, screaming for help. Manganyi says he ran back to his house when he heard the third gunshot because he did not know if the person he saw at the gate was the one who had the gun.

He says he looked through the window and saw four people coming out of the mayor’s house. They walked out normally and only started running after covering a certain distance.

Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor Moses Maluleke murder case continues on Monday
Ntokoto Maluleke

Before Manganyi, the court also heard from tbe Mayor’s Son, Ntokoto, who was the second state witness. He told the court that the security cameras, power and gate were off on the evening that Maluleke was shot and killed.


Ntokoto says it was not clear why the power was off as it had been working throughout the day. He says due to this, he had to open and close the gate manually.

Ntokoto was shot and injured that night. According to a forensic report read into the court record, Ntokoto, was shot in his stomach.

The court also heard testimony of the fourth witness Ester Makamu. She is the girlfriend of accused number four, Wiseman Baloyi.

Ntokoto Maluleke, the Son of the late Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor Moses Maluleke continues to give his version of events on the dreadful day that his father passed on. The murder trial of the slain politician is underway at the High Court in Polokwane, Limpopo.

Maluleke was shot and killed by three gunmen who entered his home in July 2023 at Xikundu Village.

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The trial of the six men accused of killing Malukele and injuring Ntokoto began last week. Ntokoto is the second witness after Avhatakali Mulaudzi took the stand last week. Mulaudzi is a former accused who has since turned state witness. The other five accused are Shumani Nemadodzi, Avhatakali Isaac Mudau, Wiseman Baloyi, Tshianeo Munyai and Pfunzo Lidzebe.

Ntokoto Maluleke continues to testify
Late Collins Chabane Municipality Mayor Moses Maluleke


Ntokoto has detailed how the accused tried to run away.

“These thugs tried running away because they realised that we [me and my father] saw them. They then started shooting,” he told the court.

They said they wanted the money that was in the shirt pocket but when we gave them they refused to take the money.

A forensic report read in the court stated that Tokoto was shot once in his pelvis and his father sustained two gun wounds. One in the chest and another on the head. He also told the court that his cellphone was the only item stolen that evening.


But the defence lawyer, Advocate Peter Legodi has questioned the validity of evidence given by a Ntokoto. He says his evidence is conflicting as he has given two different statements.

The trial will continue on Tuesday Morning at the High Court in Polokwane. 

A Limpopo man was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment Malamulele Regional Court got the rape of a mentally challenged Man. A 38-year-old whose name is being concealed to protect the victim, raped a 19-year-old.

During the trial, the accused pleaded not guilty. The court heard that on 01 July 2017 in Mudavula village, Collins Chabane Municipality, the accused was in the homestead of the victim with her uncle drinking alcohol in the evening. He saw the victim going to the pit toilet behind the house and followed her. He forcefully undressed her in the toilet and raped her.

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After the ordeal, he left the victim and continued drinking with her uncle. The victim came out of the toilet crying and reported the matter to her aunt. They called the police, and the accused was arrested the same day.

 A Limpopo Man sentenced to life imprisonment for rape of mentally challenged Woman

The state advocate Norman Makhubele relied on DNA evidence to link the accused and the victim impact statement from Giyani Court Preparation Officer, Carol Tshikhudo. He also relied on clinical psychologist, Lungile Malatji for evidence to prove that the victim is severely mentally retarded.

In aggravation of the sentence, the advocate submitted that the crime statistics of rape of mentally challenged persons are high. The fact that this person was severely mentally retarded was one of the huge aggravating factors that the state relied on.


He further said that in 2011 the victim was raped and conceived a child. However, she could not tell who the perpetrator is. She is a vulnerable victim who cannot identify the father of her child, she can’t even bath or carry out any household duties. Her aunt is taking care of her. Therefore, the court should not deviate from the minimum sentence.

Award-winning South African RnB musician Brian “Bomba” Kubayi has kept his fans waiting for new music for five years now.

Finally, the wait is over. Soul music lovers can now look forward to Kubayi’s latest album which will be released on April 24 on all digital platforms. The Malamulele born under the Collins Chabane Local Municipality, is also known as one of the finest composers for albums such as Tsalelani, I am Brian Bomba and The Dreamer.


His supporters will now be delighted to know that the new offering will be a 16 tracks album, titled Forever. The album infuses African soul and jazz elements laced with Brian’s soulful and melodic voice to deliver a masterpiece.

It includes songs such as Ka titimela, xivuyevuye, Woni Jikela, Take me Home, Congo, Byala, Ni fambile, My Superstar, Joni joni and Kwata-kwata.

Brian Kubayi's latest Album to hit the shelves
Brain “Bomba” Kubayi

He says his new album is more African Soul and RnB with live elements.

“It’s a complete shift from my previous albums as this one is designed for live performances. As well as being able to catch a bigger national and international audience. I worked with great producers such as Sumthyn Black including
young and talented producers from Limpopo such as Reeves and Moose,” said Kubayi.


Brian Bomba from Malamulele was introduced to music at an incredibly young age. He used to accompany his mother, the legendary award-winning musician Madya ku Bomba, at RPN and Gallo Studios in Johannesburg. She used to record her albums in the late 90s.

Apart from being part of the school choir at EPP Mhinga High School in Malamulele, he also recorded his first demo song called Malume in 2011 while still in high school. The first song he recorded was in high school when he was 17.

“I started doing music because of my mother Madyakubomba who is now late, who is a Xitsonga music legend. One of those that pioneered traditional Tsonga music. I have worked with Steven Makhongela, a household name in music culture. It is amazing to work with him, he inspires me as an artist to breathe life into the music,” he explains.

Brian Bomba Kubayi's latest Album to hit the shelves this month


He officially began his music career in 2013 when he received sponsorship from a local businessman to re-record his 2011 song Malume as part of a full album. The 11-track album titled Tsalelani was released in 2014 under Anaka Records.

The album was a first of its kind as it fused R&B sounds with elements and influence from musicians such as Paul Ndlovu, Peta Teanet, and Penny Penny amongst others. The hit singles from the album, Yellow Bone and Malume gave birth to Xitsonga RnB, which continues to inspire young artists even today.

The album won him Best Newcomer at the 2014 Munghana Lonene FM Music Awards. Some of the artists Kubayi still have a desire to work with include Sjava, Big Zulu, Ami Faku, Zonke, Brenda Mtambo, and Amanda Black.

“The music is universal, it is timeless. I want to touch people’s hearts and inspire a generation to motivate. To also comfort each and grow the music culture. The music is beautiful.

“I am inspired by the Tsonga culture, my people and what we stand for. I am inspired by my country, my continent as well most of all I am inspired by life,” he said.

Collins Chabane Municipality mayor, Shadrack Maluleke urges motorists and passengers to take care of themselves over the busy period during as the Easter weekend looms. Maluleke was speaking following the municipality’s launch of the Easter season Arrive Alive campaign at Xigalo village on the R81 road recently.

The mayor was accompanied by the Chief Whip of the municipality, Erick Baloyi, Executive Committee Members and local Councillors.

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During the roadblock, Maluleke engaged with motorists. He urged them to take extra precautions on the road during the festive season and that road users should avoid drinking and driving habits.

He said as the festive season approaches and more and more drivers take to the roads for the holidays, authorities are urging vigilance and care.

“I humbly call upon all motorists to be extra cautious on the roads this festive season,” he said. 

“As it stands, pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users in our areas. The Easter weekend is characterized by an increased volume of road users on their way home or visiting loved ones. 

Mayor Shadrack Maluleke urges motorists as Easter weekend looms 

“This volume demands a higher level of vigilance from drivers and pedestrians but also places severe strain on the resources of our traffic management system,” added Shadrack Maluleke. 


“We, however, have processes in place that draw strength from a strong collection of law enforcement. To ensure we are on the road in numbers, checking compliance. Bringing those to book who endanger the lives of others with their recklessness and negligence,” he said. 

MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Florence Radzilani has also called on all road users to ensure everyone’s safety over the long weekend.

Radzilani also urges law enforcement officials to continue to conduct their work with diligence. Ensure that road users follow the rules and that those who engage in criminal activities are brought to book.

“As we approach the Easter long weekend, it is our wish as the Provincial Government, that we should all arrive alive. However, road safety starts with all of us. As we embark on our journeys, let us make sure that our cars are roadworthy. 

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“We keep a safe following distance, we do not overtake unsafe places, we do not drink and drive, and we rest enough on long journeys. Pedestrians must wear visible colours at night, and keep away from the road. Let’s all arrive alive,” said Radzilani.

Arrive Alive is a national campaign run by all police and traffic officials. Roadblocks will be set up across the country, where officials will check on roadworthy vehicles, drunken driving, and reckless driving.

The three suspects who were arrested for allegedly killing the Mayor of Collins Chabane Municipality in the Vhembe District are expected to make the first court appearance in the Malamulele Magistrate’s Court today.

The suspects, aged between 30 and 50, were nabbed during intensive police investigations that commenced immediately after the incident took place at Shikundu village under Saselamani policing area in Limpopo on Thursday night, 21 July 2022.

Soon after the shootings, in which the Mayor and his 18-year-old son were accosted by three suspects. They gained access to the premises at about 19:00.

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Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe visited the scene. She immediately assembled a team of investigators led by a Senior Officer to probe the incident. The team succeeded in apprehending the suspects within a week.


The Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has commended the team for the determination. They continue to manifest in probing this incident and has thanked community members for assisting the police in the fight against crime.

The suspects will face charges of murder and attempted murder.

The National Commissioner of the South African Police Service (SAPS), General Fannie Masemola has directed the Provincial Commissioner of Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe to mobilise maximum resources to apprehend those responsible for the killing of the Mayor of the Collins Chabane Local Municipality in Limpopo.

56-year-old Moses ‘Big Moss’ Maluleke was shot and killed on Thursday evening at his home, and his 18-year-old son wounded.


According to reports, three unknown suspects entered the Mayor’s home in Saselamani village at 19:00 where they demanded money from the deceased mayor and his son. When the pair could not comply with the suspects’ instructions, they were allegedly shot at by the trio.


The mayor succumbed to his injuries on scene and his son survived. The son was was transported to a nearby hospital where he is receiving further medical care. A case of murder and attempted murder has been registered. Police have since launched a manhunt for the group of suspects.

Members of the public who know or may have witnessed what transpired are encouraged to report to the Saselamani Police station. Crime Stop Hotline number on 0860010111 to assist police investigations.