A 34-year-old man killed his 32-year-old wife and his nine-month-old son and buried them in a shallow grave at Davhana village near Vuwani, Limpopo. Police say the suspect who allegedly killed the pair with a sharp instrument later committed suicide by hanging himself.

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Limpopo MEC for Social Development Nkakareng Rakgoale has made an appeal to couples and families who are facing challenges in their relationships not to resort to violence. But to seek professional help from social workers.


MEC Rakgoale says the department has programmes that are aimed at people who are facing difficulties in their families and relationships.

“It is so sad to see a man taking the lives of his family in this manner. We reiterate our call for people who face difficulties in their families to speak out. Approach social workers who will then provide psychosocial support and put them through our family preservation program.

“This will assist us to avert incidents of this nature. Social workers have been dispatched to the area for the provision of psychosocial support to the affected parties. May their souls rest in peace,” said MEC Rakgoale.