The Limpopo High Court in Polokwane has granted the family of late businessman Theo Mphosi to exhume his remains.

On Tuesday, Judge Gerrit Muller ordered local health and the municipal authorities to grant the permit needed for the exhumation of Mphosi’s remains within two days of his ruling. This is for the purpose of removal for a forensic examination to assist in a criminal investigation.

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Mphosi was the CEO of his family’s Rheinland group of companies during the time of his death.

He died after attending a tombstone unveiling in Mpumalanga on 5 June 2022. He was buried in his hometown in Senwabarwana in Limpopo.

Court grants permission to exhume remains of Theo Mphosi
Limpopo High Court

But his sister, Moditswi Cindrella Ramokoto lodged an urgent application to exhume his remains. Ramokoto argues that the first autopsy conducted by Dr Moleka Vincent Mojapelo concluded that Mphosi died from COVID-19 pneumonia.

But she says this is despite there not being evidence that the deceased was sick with Covid-19 prior to his death. According to Ramokoto Mphosi’s sudden death raised a lot of questions in that the symptoms he displayed prior to his death were not in line with symptoms of Covid-19 pneumonia.


She insists that the family want to conduct a second autopsy report. Including toxicology testing so that they can get to the bottom of what really caused his death. There are suspicions that Mphosi might have been poisoned, although no case has been opened against anyone.

In a seven-page ruling, Muller ordered the police to work with experts appointed by Ramokoto. To ensure a second autopsy was conducted.

Mphosi’s widow, Nchadi, and his father, Sidipa have also made their request that they have their own expert pathologist, Dr Hestelle van Staden, attend his exhumation and second autopsy. The court has also granted the request. 

The sister of late Limpopo tycoon Theo Mphosi, Moditswi Cindrella Ramokoto, is seeking the urgent exhumation of his body. This is according to a report by News24.

Ramokoto has reportedly filed court papers so that a second autopsy, including toxicology testing, can establish what exactly caused his sudden death.

Mphosi died after attending a tombstone unveiling on 5 June 2022. He is a 40-year-old father of five.


According to the news website, an autopsy report conducted by Dr Moleka Vincent Mojapelo concluded that Mphosi’s death was consistent with pneumonia. His official cause of death was then listed as COVID-19 pneumonia. This is despite there being no evidence that he was sick with Covid-19, they reported.

“Every day that my late brother’s body is not exhumed, and a forensic investigation is not [carried out], prejudices the ability to reliably ascertain the true cause of his death and to bring justice and closure to his loved ones,” Ramokoto wrote in papers filed at the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane on Monday.

“Equally, it prejudices the ability of the SA Police Service to fully investigate the matter and, if need be, of the National Prosecuting Authority to ultimately bring it before the criminal justice system.”

Limpopo tycoon Theo Mphosi, Moditswi Cindrella Ramokoto, is seeking the urgent exhumation of his body.
Theo Mphosi with club owners


Mphosi has reportedly been fine, with no complaints of coughing or pain. But suddenly had a fit, according to his bodyguard. He died shortly after arriving at a hospital in Ermelo, Mpumalanga.

Mphosi was the head of his family’s Rheinland group of companies. He had overseen businesses in construction, petroleum, logistics, restaurants and sports.

In court papers, Moditswi Cindrella Ramokoto was detailed that immediately before death, Mphosi had a slurry speech that made him appear to be drunk [without him smelling of alcohol]. He also had arousable somnolence [sleepiness], seizure-like stiffening and choking.

It is alleged that Ampath Laboratories test results did not support Mojapelo’s conclusion that Mphosi had died of COVID-19.