The ANC have won ward 10 [Makgofe Blood River] of Polokwane Local Municipality following the By-election on Wednesday receiving 1811 votes to EFF’s 1474.  EFF has won the ward on three consecutive occasions.

The By-election follows Jacob Seshoka’s resignation as a member of the EFF leaving the ward without a councillor.

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The ward was made up of six Voting Districts with 7105 registered voters.  The following candidates were contesting the ward: 

Mayinga John Hlongwane [ActionSA]

Willie Lancelot Madikoto [African National Congress]

Makgadi Roslyn Phala [Economic Freedom Fighters]

Moraka Victor Tsoele [Economic Liberators Forum South Africa]

Mphodisa Alfred Mokgohloa [Operation Dudula]

Kholofelo Nelly Mathiba [Umkhonto Wesizwe]

The ANC has won ward 10 in Polokwane from the EFF
ANC Members in Polokwane ward 10 celebrate


ANC 53% [Previously- 42%]

EFF 43% [previously-47%]

Action SA 2% [10%]

EKF 1%

MK 1% 

Former EFF Limpopo Chairperson Jossey Buthane has rejoined the ANC in a political move that has shocked many people.  Buthane is a well-known ally of EFF leader Julius Malema but the two recently had a fallout.

The fallout resulted in Buthane being booted out of his position as leader of the party and subsequently resigned from the Limpopo legislature.

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Buthane recently went on a rampage on his Facebook page in what seems to be a response to what Malema said about him.

“I just saw the stadium clip. Was it necessary?” he asked in a post.

Jossey Buthane has rejoined the ANC
Jossey Buthane addressing ANC members in Polokwane

“Did you comrades talk to him after he was drunk by a microphone forgetting he got three votes during bi-elections in a ward of a Province where he held a National event? If not please keep your advice to yourselves a ke tshabe selo a ke rapele selo fok [I am not afraid of anything and I don’t beg anything].”

“You disbanded us, we kept quiet, business people knew the details of the disbandment before us we said nothing. You manipulated branch processes in particular ward 13 Polokwane we kept quiet,” continued Buthane.

“Even voluntarily gave you your position of deployment and you still think you have a mouth to talk. Stop behaving like a woman who is refusing a divorce.

“Respect our respect for you and stop this thing you are doing. Your organization has good people and a great future if you can’t respect yourself, at least respect them.”


Buthane, who was previously an ANC Member before joining the EFF, was unveiled on Sunday. He joined together with 190 former EFF members.

His return was announced by ANC Provincial Secretary Reuben Madadzhe during the Solomon Mahlangu Memorial Lecture in Polokwane.

The EFF has announced its decision to boycott Thursday’s State of the Nation address by President Cyril Ramaphosa. This follows the Western Cape High Court ruling on Tuesday. The ruling forbids six EFF Members of Parliament, including its president Julius Malema, from participating at the SONA on Thursday

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In a statement issued on Thursday, the party said all EFF Members of Parliament will not participate in the 2024 SONA activities and programme. They also described the programme as undemocratic and unconstitutional and an extended caucus of the ANC.

“The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejects, with contempt, the Western Cape High Court’s ruling, which unlawfully and undemocratically forbids six EFF Members of Parliament from participating in the 2024 State of the Nation Address (SONA) activities and programme. It is evident, and certainly beyond reasonable doubt, that the courts continue to be part of the Ramaphosa defence mob, whose primary and sole aim is to protect the racist white capitalist establishment. Courts in South Africa have been reduced to being part of the Ramaphosa defence mob because he is a representative and puppet of the white capitalist establishment,” read the statement. 

“The courts have refused to unseal the CR17 benefactors, the majority of whom are part of the white capitalist establishment. While the courts and state institutions such as the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), the South African Revenue Services (SARS), and the South African Police Service (SAPS) have refused to effectively hold Ramaphosa accountable for Phala Phala criminal activities which directly implicate Cyril Ramaphosa.”

EFF to boycott the State of the Nation address 
EFF in Parliament


“The recent ruling by the Western Cape High Court represents a suppression of democracy and constitutional accountability in South Africa. Forbidding Members of Parliament from carrying out their constitutional obligations and duties is undemocratic, and it is abominable that the courts are part of this suppression of democracy. The capture of the judiciary by politicians and narrow political purposes is abominable. At the centre of the deterioration of Zimbabwe’s democracy was, amongst other things, a captured judiciary and we will not allow this to happen in South Africa.

“The judiciary of South Africa is beyond any doubt captured and now part of the mob that will collapse democratic accountability.

Consequently, all EFF Members of Parliament will not participate in the 2024 SONA activities and programme, as these are undemocratic and unconstitutional and the so-called State of the Nation Address in 2024 is an extended caucus of the ANC. Partial participation in the 2024 SONA activities and programme would imply that some of our Members agree with the unlawful, undemocratic, and unconstitutional decisions of Parliament to forbid and banish elected Members of Parliament. We will, therefore, not attend or participate in the ANC’s extended Parliamentary caucus.”

The EFF in Tzaneen Mopani Region, Limpopo have raised a concern about the conduct of an IEC official during the voter registration weekend.

The IEC marked the second and final voter registration weekend, ahead of this year’s national elections. The commission recorded more than a million registrations across the country.

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But there was some dissatisfaction from the EFF in Limpopo, specifically in Greater Tzaneen Municipality ward 93303031. The party alleges that a presiding officer at Mogoboya Raamodika Primary School was campaigning for the African National Congress [ANC].

“In direct contradiction to the principles agreed upon in our prior Political Liaison Committee (PLC) meeting with the IEC, it was explicitly stated that individuals actively involved in politics should not preside over voter registration and election processes. The actions, captured in a photograph depicting the individual wearing ANC political party regalia. Actively campaigning, stands as a clear violation of the established protocols,” said the party in a statement.

EFF in Limpopo raises concern over the conduct of an IEC official during voter registration weekend
EFF members at Ward 39 Polokwane Subregion, Capricorn District at Tom Naude Hooerskool VD.


“The EFF Limpopo is appalled by this flagrant disregard for electoral neutrality, which undermines the very foundation of free and fair democratic processes.

“We firmly believe that the IEC must act swiftly and decisively. To rectify this situation to prevent potential political instability in the region. Our appeal to the lEC is straightforward. We demand the immediate removal of the individual
from their position as a presiding officer in Greater Tzaneen Municipality ward 93303031,” they said.

“The credibility of the electoral process hinges on the strict adherence to impartiality and fairness, and any compromise in this regard poses a threat to the democratic values we hold dear.

Furthermore, the EFF Limpopo demands an urgent response to our letter of complaint already submitted. We request the IEC to provide a comprehensive list of all staff and presiding officers utilized during the voter registration weekend on February 3 and 4.”

EFF Leader Julius Malema has insisted that he doesn’t support the Springboks because they represent the “apartheid symbol” and must fall. This is contrary to the message of support the organization issued the past week after the 2023 Rugby World Cup triumph in France.

South Africa beat New Zealand 12-11 in the final to win a record fourth title.

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“Congratulations to the Springboks for winning the Rugby World Cup. Historic, Monumental and Inspiring,” said the EFF in a statement on 28 October 2023. 


But speaking at the party’s Gauteng elections workshop in Johannesburg on Sunday, Malema said the Springboks is a team celebrated by “murderers”.

He says the party would change the team’s emblem and colours, should they come into power after the national elections.

“I don’t support the Springboks. I don’t support the emblem and the apartheid colours that the National Team wears. We want the colours that represent democracy,” he said.

“Amabokoboko, die Bokke, Springboks is an apartheid symbol,” added Malema.

Julius Malema makes a U-turn on the support of the Springboks team
EFF Leader Julius Malema

“You can’t say remove apartheid symbols and maintain the name Springbok and the emblem, and the colours that were used during apartheid by white people.

“You can’t say Rhodes must fall, and not say Springboks must not fall. The Springboks must fall,” he said.

“Why are being forced to salute the emblem that was saluted by [DF]Malan. To salute the emblem that was saluted by [PW] Botha, by [Hendrik] Verwoerd, by [FW] De Klerk?,” asked Malema.

“That emblem and that jersey represent white supremacists that we don’t support.”

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Meanwhile, the World Champions concluded their Trophy parade tour in East London on Sunday. The tour began in Pretoria on Thursday and also went to Johannesburg, Soweto and ended at FNB. Cape Town residents had the opportunity to welcome the team on Friday morning while it also went to Durban on Saturday.

Recently axed Public Protector advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane was announced as a member of the EFF on Monday. Mkhwebane says she is joining the EFF because she believed in its seven cardinal pillars and wished to continue to protect South Africa.

She also clarified that the EFF was her first political home and that she was never part of the African National Congress.

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“I joined the EFF because I could relate to their seven cardinal pillars,” said  Mkhwebane.

“Our people are landless, and the EFF is saying that they would expropriate land without compensation. I believe that the State should be creating and enabling an environment for the poor and marginalised, especially on issues of the economy,” she added.

Busisiwe Mkhwebane joins the EFF 
Busisiwe Mkhwebane during a media briefing 


“I could relate to the EFF. As Public Protector, I said I would protect the poor and marginalised. So with the EFF, I can continue to do that. I am not joining the EFF for positions.

“I was dealt harshly by the ANC and DA. At the end of the day, I could stand this treatment to expose them for not being there for the poor and marginalised,” she said.

Mkhwebane was officially introduced as an EFF member during a press briefing organised in the Thembisile Hani Local Municipality.

Mkhwebane was recently removed as a Public Protector after over 80% of Members of Parliament voted to impeach her.

They supported the Section 194 Committee’s finding that Mkhwebane was incompetent, guilty of misconduct and unfit to hold office.

EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu has been found guilty of breaching the MPs’ code of ethical conduct for failing to disclose VBS Mutual Bank money he received. The Parliament’s joint committee on ethics and members’ interests has found that Shivambu failed to disclose the R180,000 he received from the bank.

The committee recommended that Shivambu be penalised with the loss of nine days’ salary.

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The committee found that R180,000 was paid to him by Sgameka, a company owned by his brother, Brian Shivambu.

The complaint was laid in 2018 by a former MP and DA leader John Steenhuisen based on media reports.

The ethics committee heard evidence from the VBS Mutual Bank liquidator, who reported that the money was transferred in 2017 by Sgameka Projects to Shivambu in three installments.

EFF leader Floyd Shivambu guilty of not disclosing VBS payments
Floyd Shivambu addressing an EEF event


The report discovered that the following money was transferred from Sgameka Projects to Shivambu.

18 August 2017: R100 000
24 August 2017: R 30 000
26 August 2017: R 50 000

It was found that Shivambu breached item of the Code of Ethical Conduct and Disclosure of Members’ Interests. This is for failing to comply with the requirements of the provisions for disclosing financial interest.

The committee also said it was unable to trace whether Shivambu received more money via other bank accounts. It’s now decided to finalise the complaint based on the evidence it has been able to obtain.

“All the investigative avenues used by the committee to try and trace whether more money was paid to the member [Shivambu] via bank accounts to which the liquidator did not have access were unsuccessful. This part of the investigation is therefore inconclusive. The committee decided to finalise the complaint on the evidence that it had before it,” the committee said.

Meanwhile, Police Minister Bheki Cele has also been found guilty of breaching the code of ethical conduct for MPs. This is after he locked horns with an anti-crime activist at a meeting in Gugulethu last year.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) have laid criminal charges against EFF leader Julius Malema, for alleged cruelty to a cow.

The charges relate to a video of the EFF leader in which he is seen struggling to slaughter a cow. This is prior to the party’s 10th anniversary in July.

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This is after animals were donated to the party and were being prepared for festivities. The incident triggered a wave of outrage.

In a statement on Thursday, NSPCA said it was horrified after seeing the video which had gone viral. It also confirmed that it received numerous complaints.

“The aforesaid video clearly shows Julius Sello Malema attempting to paralyse a cow by pithing it,” said Jacques Peacock, NSPCA Public Relations and Legal Liaison. [i.e. attempting to pierce or sever the spinal cord of the animal so as to kill or immobilise it],” he said.

NSPCA lays criminal charges against EFF leader Julius Malema
Julius Malema


“It is evident from the video that Malema uses two small knives and inflicts more than 11 stabs. Over 60 instances of twisting the knife into the fully conscious animal’s poll.”

The NSPCA says Malema repeatedly inflicted pain. He also caused unnecessary suffering to the animal and that it is evident that the animal endured significant distress.

“The Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 (“the Act”) is a crucial piece of legislation that aims to protect all animals from unnecessary pain, suffering, and cruelty. It is essential that all individuals, including public figures and leaders, who are expected to set an example, uphold and respect these laws.”

They also add that they have consistently demonstrated their dedication to protecting and advocating for the welfare of animals.

“It is crucial that those who inflict harm upon animals are held accountable for their actions. This sends a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in our society.”

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (Natjoints) has at 22:00 20 March arrested more than 550 protestors during the EFF national shutdown.

This is for amongst others public violence, intimidation, damage to critical infrastructure, theft and attempted looting.

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Of those arrested, Gauteng recorded the highest number of arrests with 149. The Northern Cape recorded the second highest number with 95 arrests. The Eastern Cape also saw 80 protestors arrested, followed by Free State with 64 arrests.

The number of tyres that were confiscated throughout the country remains at 24 300. These were tyres that were strategically placed for acts of criminality.

“Natjoints is satisfied with the manner in which the integrated law enforcement deployments have exercised their authority in ensuring law and order in the country thus far,” they said in an update on Monday evening.

The Natjoints was working closely with various stakeholders in the security Cluster.

“The Natjoints is therefore pleased to report that it has delivered on its promise to the inhabitants of this country. In ensuring that the measures that are in place enabled businesses and services to operate with minimum incidents of criminality reported throughout the country.”

They also commended the members of the Community Police Forums (CPF). Neighbourhood watches and other community structures are also commended for their supportive role.

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Also the transport sector, especially the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) and National Taxi Alliance (NTI).

“The Natjoints takes this opportunity to appreciate the protest that proceeded in a peaceful and orderly manner in Pretoria. In the rest of the country, those who were found to be contravening the law were dealt with accordingly, within the ambit of the law.”

Meanwhile, EFF leader Julius Malema has described the shutdown as the most successful in South Africa. 

The Police have announced that at least 87 people have been arrested for public violence related offences during the EFF’s national shutdown protests in the last 12 hours

Of the 87 arrested, 41 were arrested in Gauteng, 29 in North West, 15 in Free State. There are also arrests in other provinces such as Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape. Updates will be provided as and when information becomes available. 

At least 24 300 tyres have been confiscated by law enforcement agencies. These were tyres that were placed for acts of criminality. 

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6000 were seized in the Western Cape, 4500 in the Free State, 3600 in Gauteng, 1513 in the Eastern Cape. A few in other provinces. 

EFF’s national shutdown monitored 

“The Natjoints re-affirms its commitment to serving and protecting both law abiding protestors and non-protestors,” said the police in an update on Monday morning. 

“The Natjoints will not allow and tolerate any forms of lawlessness and acts of criminality. Anyone found to be contravening the law will be dealt with accordingly. 

“Law enforcement officers are on high alert and will continue to prevent and combat any acts of criminality, maintain public order, protect the inhabitants of South Africa and their property as well as uphold and enforce the law.”