A young aspiring businessman, Mulelu Nngodiseni, from Phiphidi in the Vhembe District, Limpopo has ventured into fish farming. Nngodiseni always had intentions to study farming but circumstances at home didn’t allow it. 

The 22-year-old has built a pond on a piece of land on his father’s six-hectare farm, next to their backyard. Nngodiseni developed an interest in fishing at the beginning of 2020.

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He tells Limpopo Chronicle that he was also encouraged to start his business by Fish Farmers around his area.

His dream became a reality when he built his first pond, 2m x 4m and less than a meter deep. Nngodiseni remembers 19 October 2020 just like it was yesterday when he officially started finishing on his small pond. 

Fish from Mulelu Nngodiseni's pond
Fish from Mulelu Nngodiseni’s pond

When he started, Nngodiseni had a shoal of 50 fish he bought from another local fish farmer. He then had to add a bigger pond and currently has around 500 shoals of fish. The Nile tilapia is the largest of the species, it is up to 60cm long and approaching 4.3kg in weight.

“Even though there has been a small progress, I learned a lot in terms of fish farming from Google and Youtube,” he tells this publication. 

“People really enjoy my fish especially because I get them from my own pond. But my main targets for now are fellow fish farmers because my dams are still small and the fish can’t grow bigger,” he said. 

Aspiring Limpopo fish farming businessman Mulelu Nngodiseni builds a pond in his backyard
Mulelu Nngodiseni


He is building a third and bigger [10m x 5 m and 1m deep] and Nngodiseni, believes once it is complete, he will start to generate money. His ultimate dream is to build a 30m x 30 m 1,5m deep pond. 

 Nngodiseni who is from a family of five [Father, Mother, brother, and sister] is hoping the business can also help bring more money for the family one day. He pleads with those that might be interested in helping him realise his dream or buy the fish to contact him directly at 076 165 3922.