Two suspects took more than 100 brand new cellphones and an undisclosed amount of cash following a robbery at Exact Shop in Mall @ Lebo, Lebowakgomo on Tuesday. The incident happened during normal training hours at about 09:15.

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It is alleged that a 34-year-old Cashier was busy helping the customers when one male suspect pretending to be a customer produced a firearm. He threatened to shoot her if she screamed for assistance.

The Cashier was then escorted to the back of the office and found her colleagues with another unknown male suspect. They were then forced to lie on the floor.


The suspects took more than 100 brand new cellphones and an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing the scene through the backfire escape door.

Thugs rob Exact Shop over 100 phones at Lebowakgomo's Mall at Lebo
Mall @ Lebo

A manhunt for the unknown suspects who committed the crime at Mall @ Lebo in Lebowakgomo is currently underway. Police in Limpopo request anyone with information that can lead to their apprehension is encouraged to contact the Investigating Officer Colonel Mmapitsi Sekotlong on 0825658234. Crime stop number 0860010111 or nearest police station or MySAPSApp.


Meanwhile, earlier on during the day a 30-year-old Security Officer was conducting guard duties together with his colleague at Mmatjie Shopping Complex, Friendly Frozen Chicken in Zone F Lebowakgomo when they were approached by five unknown male suspects who pointed them with firearms.

The duo were tied with cable ties before being taken to the nearby bushes. They were kept under guard while the other group of two unknown suspects went to the shop. They planted explosives at the two cash safes that were inside.

The suspects managed to blow up the two safes with explosives and took a substantial amount of cash with cigarettes and items worth thousands of rands. Afterwards, the suspects fled the scene with unknown motor vehicles that were hidden in the bushes during the robbery.

The Security Guards were rescued by a passerby in the morning without any injuries. Police were immediately summoned to the scene.

Upon their arrival, the police found the doors of the shop wide open. The cash office completely destroyed by the impact of the explosion.

Many have been wondering who is this controversial Limpopo Musician Lehlogonolo Chauke, popularly known as Shebeshxt. In the recent past, Shebeshxt has been in the media more for his arrests than for his music.

Born in Lebowakgomo in the Capricorn District, Shebeshxt is currently facing various criminal charges including attempted murder and assault GBH. He is also facing two counts of discharging a firearm as he allegedly fired four shots in the air at a family home in Ga-Mamaola village in April.

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The Man called President Yama 2k also released a song titled Ambulance while behind bars. He is also known for his long-standing beef with award-winning musician King Monada.


During his appearance at the popular Podcast and Chill with Mac G on Monday, Chauke gave a background of where he was born and how the name Shebeshzxt.

“They used to call me a Dawg because in my township I am a general,” he said. “So they called me Dawg for Doctor Shebeleza.

“I grew up in Tembisa, my dad lives in Tembisa. I have a brother, who is a Chauke, his father is a Chauke and he lives in Seshego. So my mother was dating my brother’s father, so they had my brother and after that, my mother had an affair. I don’t know how to put it.

“But she had me with my father. But after that, I was supposed to be a Chauke and she was with my father after being with my brother’s father. I just don’t know what happened, but it’s fine.

“My father’s surname is More. I come from Lebowakgomo but now I am staying in Polokwane. Since I moved to Polokwane around 2020.”

Who is Lehlogonolo Shebeshxt Chauke


He also revealed on the show why he used to commit crimes but insisted that’s all in the past.

“I have stopped doing crime, that time he was doing it to feed my child. He has to eat Bacon, Eggs and Cheese. I grew up not having all that But I had to give him the ham and cheese.

I didn’t steal cars, I used to go in here others couldn’t, I wanted money. The way I love clothes, I could enter a store and shoplift and walk out and they wouldn’t say anything. Sometimes I would point a gun or a knife, sometimes I would go with bog knives. Even if the Camera and Managers were there I would go in.

A 33-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape of his Girlfriend’s elder sister at Mamaolo Village, Lebowakgomo. The man appeared before the Thabamoopo Magistrate court in Limpopo on Tuesday, 14 November.

It is reported that on Saturday 22 October 2022 at about 22:30, the accused unlawfully entered the house of a 30-year-old victim. She is the elder sister of his girlfriend.

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The accused reportedly gained entry to the house since the keys to the house were allocated to him. He found the victim sleeping with her two minor children.

The victim was allegedly threatened and stabbed with a sharp object on the shoulder. Afterwards, the accused raped the victim the whole night in front of her children while bleeding heavily from the injury.

The next day on Sunday, 23 October 2022 at about 05:00, the accused left the premises and fled the scene to evade an arrest. The lady was taken to a local hospital for medical assistance. It was was also reported at Lebowakgomo police station who opened a rape case.

Life imprisonment for Man who raped his Girlfriend's sister
Police Van


Police immediately started a manhunt for the suspect who was later apprehended at his residence at Mogodi village, Ga-Mphahlele on Monday, 24 October.

The case was transferred to the Lebowakgomo Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit for further investigations. Bail was opposed until he was convicted last week on Friday, 10 November 2023. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday, 14 November 2023.

Commissioner of Police in Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has commended the outstanding investigative abilities that were displayed to secure the life imprisonment of the 33-year-old man. 

Police in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo have launched a manhunt for suspects who robbed two cash and carry shops this past weekend. The first incident took place at Unit A complex, on Sunday at about 08:45.

Reportedly, a group of armed suspects with face masks entered the shop and pointed the owner and his employees with firearms.

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They were all instructed to lie down and not to scream. They robbed them of a stock and an undisclosed amount of money from the tills. The suspects loaded the stock in a silver Nissan NP200 and fled from the scene.

Police were summoned to the scene, and a case of business robbery was opened for investigation.


In another incident, two unknown suspects are on the run after an armed robbery that occurred at Mayibuye Cash and Carry in Maijane village. This incident took place on Saturday, 04 November at about 16:30.

The victim was reportedly delivering merchandise at the tuckshop. Upon stopping by the entrance at the shop, his colleague opened the truck door to offload and when he returned back to collect another stock, two unknown suspects pointed at him with a firearm.

He was ordered to hand over the school bag that contained thousands of rands of money inside the truck.

Furthermore, the suspects robbed two cellphones and a wallet containing cash before firing two shots while fleeing the scene with a grey Nissan NP200 bakkie.

A 35-year-old Man was apprehended traveling on a stolen vehicle along the N1, Mokopane from Johannesburg heading to Beitbridge Border Post to be smuggled out of the country. He was caught by the members of the Provincial Tracking Team in collaboration with Private Security and Investigation Company on Tuesday.

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Lebowakgomo Crime Intelligence Unit provided information about a stolen silver Grey Toyota Fortuner. It was reportedly stolen last week Wednesday, 25 October 2023 in Benoni, Gauteng

An intelligence-driven operation was conducted to locate it. The Toyota Fortuner fitting the description was spotted and forced to stop at Nyl Plaza Tollgate. 


A 35-year-old South African male from Springs was immediately arrested on the spot for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. 

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect was arrested last year in the Marble Hall policing area with the intention to smuggle a Toyota Fortuner to Zimbabwe. But his case was later withdrawn in court. In addition, it is alleged that last week he also managed to smuggle a Toyota Fortuner to Zimbabwe via Beitbridge Port of Entry (POE).

Further information indicated that he had links with a known suspect who was arrested this year in September month in possession of a Toyota Hilux bakkie while also attempting to smuggle it to Zimbabwe.

The other suspect will be appearing at Mokopane Magistrate court today, 01 November 2023, facing charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe is delighted regarding the sterling work that is continuously displayed by the police in combating the smuggling of stolen motor vehicles in Limpopo province. 

The suspect is expected to appear before the Mokopane Magistrate court soon facing charges of possession of a suspected stolen motor vehicle.

Police in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo have launched a manhunt for suspects who allegedly held security guards at gunpoint at a Hardware store on Wednesday.

It is alleged that two Security guards were patrolling the premises at the hardware store at around 17:15 when two unknown suspects held them at gunpoint. They tied them up and beat them with a garden spade and iron rod.

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The following day, one of the employees discovered the victims and informed the Police and ambulance. They were both taken to a local hospital since they were severely injured.


The Police opened a case of business robbery. During the investigation, they also discovered that a Nissan UD truck loaded with cement was stolen. Along with other equipment valued at over R300 000.

Commissioner of Police in Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has strongly condemned the incident. She has ordered the swift arrest of the suspects.

Meanwhile, the Police are investigating the incident they request anyone with information on the whereabouts of the suspects to immediately contact Investigating Officer Colonel Mmapitsi Sekotlong at 082 565 8426. Crime Stop number 086000 10111, alternatively report to the nearest Police Station, or share information on MysapsApp

A Man identified as Trevor Mashao from Lebowakgomo was shot and killed at Bok Street in Polokwane, on Monday night at about 23:00. Limpopo Police have since launched a massive manhunt for suspects.

According to reports, the Police were informed about a shooting incident and swiftly arrived together with emergency personnel. At the scene they found the victim lying in a pool of blood with serious injuries and there was a motorbike next to him.

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He was certified dead at the scene and also identified as Trevor Mashao Bosch [33] from Lebowakgomo unit R.

The motive behind the incident at Bok Street in Polokwane is not yet established but will be determined by investigations.

Trevor Mashao shot and killed at Bok Street in Polokwane
Polokwane City entrance


Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe condemned the Incident. She has called it senseless, urging the Community to provide Police with information about the suspects.

Anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect involved should contact Detective Sergeant Petrus Monama on 083 338 3892. Crime stop number 0860010111 or the nearest Police Station or MysapsApp 

Serial rapist, Motsepane Lolo Madigoe, terrorising the community of Lebowakgomo in Limpopo, has been handed three life sentences plus 76 years imprisonment. Madigoe was sentenced by the Limpopo Division of the High Court in Polokwane on Wednesday.

It follows a lengthy and meticulous investigation executed by the Lebowakgomo Family Violence, Child and Sexual Offences (FCS). The 40-year-old was a perpetrator of multiple rapes, assaults, kidnappings and housebreakings.

During the trial, the accused pleaded not guilty. The court heard that between June 2015 and August 2020, the accused was terrorising the community members of Seleteng, Makotse and Lebowakgomo. He was breaking into their houses and threatened them with a knife demanding money before raping them. In another incident, the complainant was walking on a footpath with the accused when he threatened to kill her, and then drag her into the bushes and raped her. The accused was linked through the DNA in all the offences.

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He was denied bail following his apprehension in October 2020 while at his residence at Seleteng Village in Capricorn District until his imminent incarceration.

The accused reign of terror commenced on 10 June 2015 after he unlawfully entered the house of a 36-year-old Zimbabwean woman at Seleteng village at about 01:00. The victim was raped in front of her three minor children and a 14-year-old sibling.

Lebowakgomo serial rapist handed multiple life sentences


Another heinous incident took place on 23 July 2017 following an unexpected rape of a 74-year-old woman in the same village believed to be a mother of a friend of the accused. Reportedly the duo shared drinks at a local tavern before the accused went to his friend’s residence to rape the elderly woman before fleeing the scene.

The accused continued with the other horrendous acts until his arrest. This happened after being positively linked with ten offences through a DNA analysis which were not contested during the trial.


Housebreaking with the intent to rape – Ten (10) years imprisonment.
Rape – Life imprisonment.
Housebreaking with the intent to commit crime – Eight (8) years imprisonment.
Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm – Ten (10) years imprisonment.
Kidnapping – Eight (8) years imprisonment.
Rape – Fifteen (15) years imprisonment.
Housebreaking with the intent to rape – Ten (10) years imprisonment.
Rape – Life imprisonment.
Rape – Fifteen (15) years imprisonment.

In addition, Count 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 will run concurrently with Count 2. The accused was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has welcomed the Court outcome pointing out that this will serve as a deterrent to other would-be rapists.

A 34-year-old traffic officer was on Thursday arrested in connection with the murder of his girlfriend whose body was dumped under a bridge at Chuenespoort in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo.

Police responded to the scene after the body of an unknown woman was discovered under the bridge along the R37 road. The deceased’s age was estimated to be between 30 and 35 and had suffered a gunshot wound on the abdomen.

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A case of murder was opened and specialised detectives from the Provincial Office were assigned to probe the occurrences.

The team, comprising detectives from murder and robbery and the Tracking Team worked around the clock on the case. Through meticulous investigation, the suspect was positively linked to the murder.

Limpopo Traffic officer arrested for alleged murder of his girlfriend

The suspect, attached to the Provincial Traffic in Polokwane was arrested at his homestead in Penina Park in the afternoon. He was found in possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Police also recovered some of the exhibits at the crime scene.

The circumstance surrounding the incident is still being investigated. The deceased’s identity will be released after the next of kin have been notified.


Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, has commended the investigation team for the major breakthrough.

“Gender-based violence and femicides remain a top priority for the SAPS. Incidents like these are very disturbing and shameful as they also compromise the integrity of law enforcement agencies. We shall also make sure that this traffic officer rot in prison for such a brutal and premeditated murder,” said Lieutenant General Hadebe.

The suspect will appear in the Polokwane Magistrate’s Court in due course. He also faces charges of murder, defeating the ends of justice and unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition.

The body of an unknown woman was discovered under the bridge at Chuniespoort along R37 road outside Lebowakgomo, Limpopo. The gruesome discovery took place on Thursday,17 August. Police received a complaint about a corpse suspected to have been dumped over the bridge.

On arrival at the scene, they found a source who allegedly came from work when he discovered the lifeless body under the bridge.

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Members of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were summoned to the scene and certified the woman dead upon arrival. The deceased’s age is estimated to be between 30 and 35. She sustained a gunshot wound on the upper body and has two tattoos on both arms.

Woman's dead body discovered under Chuniespoort bridge in Lebowakgomo

The victim was also found wearing a white T-shirt, grey tracksuit pants with white socks and one multi-coloured sneaker. The motive of the incident is currently unknown at this stage.


Commissioner of Police in Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has described the brutal murder as very senseless and puzzling.

Police request anyone who can assist with the identification of the deceased and further investigations to contact Investigating Officer Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Baloyi on 082 565 8234. Crime Stop number 08600 10111 or also the nearest Police Station or MysapsApp.