A 27-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday from his hideout in Mokopane following the fatal stabbing of his 19-year-old girlfriend in Thohoyandou.

The suspect was apprehended at Mahwelereng Zone 17, outside Mokopane in Limpopo by the members of the Thohoyandou Task Team. This is after receiving information about his hideout in the area.

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It is alleged that on Sunday 03 September 2023 at about 22:40, Police received a complaint about a female victim who was stabbed at Ha-Magidi village. They immediately proceeded to the scene.

Upon arrival, Police found the members of Emergency Medical Services (EM) busy attending to a 19-year-old victim. She later succumbed to her injuries at the scene. The deceased was identified by next of kin as Ridodzula Mudzanani who is from Mbaleni village.

Thohoyandou man arrested for stabbing girlfriend to death 


Preliminary investigations revealed that the deceased was walking when she met her boyfriend. After a few minutes, a member of a community heard the girlfriend screaming for help. This is after being stabbed with a sharp object allegedly by the suspect who fled the scene on foot.

The couple had two kids and the motive of the incident is unknown at this stage but domestic violence cannot be ruled out.

After a week of the Incident, a male person was found dead. The Identity Documents of the 27-year-old wanted suspect were found next to the deceased. Giving the impression that he was the one dead and as the investigation continued it transpired that the deceased individual had his own ID in his pockets.

Through further extensive investigations, the Police found out that the unknown body was not of the suspect. As such they continued to trace him until his arrest in Mahwelereng.

“I can assure criminals that the long arm of the law shall never fail. It will follow and catch up with you no matter how long it takes and how far you go. It is evident that they will be nabbed, prosecuted and incarcerated for the evil crimes they commit in the society,” said Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe.

The suspect is expected to appear before the Thohoyandou Magistrate court soon facing charges of murder.

A 20-year-old from Sandloot Village, Mahwelereng in Limpopo was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the murder of fellow Matric learner Wallen Tatesi Nthuse Ngoepe.

The arrest follows an in-depth investigation by Police in Mahwelereng into an inquest docket surrounding the untimely death of Ngoepe on Friday, 18 August. He died at home.

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The tragic incident follows a chain of events that unfolded on the said date at Mpirwabirwa Secondary School. Preliminary investigations indicated that a fight broke out between two learners, resulting in one of them sustaining injuries.

Wallen Tatesi Nthuse Ngoepe was hospitalised and was released only to experience complications upon returning home. Sadly he succumbed to the injuries. Police were notified about the incident by the family after the deceased was taken to the mortuary.

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At the time an inquest docket was opened. Police commenced with investigations while also awaiting the results of the postmortem. Consequently, the case was changed to murder leading to the subsequent arrest of the suspect.

A learner from Sandloot Village, Mahwelereng in Limpopo was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the murder of fellow Matric learner Wallen Tatesi Nthuse Ngoepe

The circumstances surrounding the incident are still subject to Police investigations. The suspect will appear on a charge of murder in the Mahwelereng Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.


Meanwhile, the DA in Limpopo has written to the MEC for Education, Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya, to investigate the circumstances around the death of Ngoepe.

“This incident further highlights the need for the Limpopo Department of Education to ensure that there is careful monitoring of learners. Adequate security at these school camps to stop the recurrence of these tragic incidents. In November last year there were reports of another matric learner found dead with stab wounds at a school camp at Ben Hlongwane Secondary School in Tshamahansi,” said the DA.

They also demand that MEC Lerule-Ramakhanya engage with school management teams and the School Governing Bodies (SGB). To find ways to ensure that these school camps are safe for learners when they prepare for matric examinations.

A 35-year-old, who has gone hiding a 12-year-old in Mahwelereng, has now handed himself to the Police. He is expected to appear before the Mahwelereng Magistrate court today.

The incident took place at Masodi Informal settlement, Mozumbani under Mahwelereng last week on Monday, 7 August 2023.

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The victim was allegedly walking alone to her residence when she was called by the suspect known to her that he wanted to send her to a local shop.

The victim agreed and went to his house because she was used to him. Upon her arrival, the suspect dragged her inside the house.

Unexpectedly, the suspect locked the door and put her on the bed and raped the victim without her consent. Afterwards, the victim was given a certain amount of money to keep her silent.

She was then released to go home. Upon arrival home, she reported the horrendous ordeal to her older sister who is mentally challenged. When the sister could not take the matter further or report she then reported it to her mother who reported it to the Police.


The mother of the victim was informed about the ordeal on Thursday, 10 August. She immediately reported the rape incident to the Police who commenced with the search of the known suspect.

The suspect evaded the arrest and went to Lephalale to hide until he handed himself over to the Police. He was accompanied by a relative on Sunday 13 August.

Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe welcomed the arrest of the suspect.

“This man took advantage of the minor he was expected to protect. Let him face the consequences of his senseless deeds,” she concluded.

He is scheduled to appear in Mahwelereng Magistrate court on Tuesday 15 August. He is facing charges of rape of a minor.

The Limpopo Highway Patrol Unit have arrested a 17-year-old suspect for selling Nyaope drugs in Mahwelereng Zone1 outside Mokopane. On Saturday, the Unit and Mahwelereng Visible Policing were doing a tour of the area.

They spotted a male suspect in possession of 60 packets of cross dagga which is a mixture of nyaope and dagga worth R1650.00. 12 pieces of rock valued at R2200.00.

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 It was also discovered that he was in possession of a cash amount of R3450. The suspect has been charged with unlawful possession and dealing with illicit drugs.

A 17-year-old arrested for selling Nyaope in Mahwelereng


 Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe welcomed the arrest of the suspect. She further praised the team members for removing the drugs from the Community.

“These drugs are busy destroying the future of the people, especially the young ones” Together with the Community we will continue to uproot them,” she said.

The suspect is expected to appear before Mahwelereng Magistrate’s Court on Monday. 

A Limpopo man has been sentenced to Life Imprisonment for raping an 84-year-old woman Mahwelereng outside Mokopane.

On Tuesday 20 June, the Regional Court in Mahwelereng handed a very long-term sentence to 23-year-old Jackson Manamela for offences that included robbery, rape and housebreaking with the intention to steal and robbery.

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The Court heard that the accused found an 84-year-old woman cooking outside her shack on 9 May 2022 at Millennium Village. He unexpectedly attacked and stabbed an elderly victim with a pair of scissors on the forehead. He then dragged her into the shack.

The victim was robbed of R 70 in cash and Social Grant Card before being raped by the accused who later fled the scene. Afterwards, the victim went to the neighbour’s house and informed them about the ordeal and Police were immediately summoned to the scene.

A robbery and rape cases were immediately opened and the suspect was subsequently apprehended. Three days on 12 May 2022. The case was transferred to Mokopane Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) for further investigations. Sergeant Ramokone Tinah Matsimbi was assigned to the matter.

Through her dedication and commitment, she ensured that Jackson Manamela was never granted bail. It was also discovered that he was out on bail for housebreaking with the intention to steal and commit robbery on 2 December 2019. It was committed against the same 84-year-old victim.


The two cases were combined and the accused was found guilty on the following counts of offences:

  1. Count 1 – Robbery – 03-year imprisonment.
  2. Count 2 – Rape – Life imprisonment.
  3. Count 3 – Housebreaking with the intention to rob and commit robbery – 15-year imprisonment.

All the sentences will run concurrently and the accused was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

The Police in Mahwelereng, Mokopane have launched a search operation following the disappearance of a 66-year-old Missing man.

Kolobe Frans Lekalakala residing at Ga-Mokaba Village in Mahwelereng in Limpopo was last seen on Friday, 31 March.

Also read:

According to the information received he was last seen leaving home to visit his mother who is from the same village at around 16:00. But he never reached his destination and has since disappeared.

He disappeared while wearing a black hat, shirt, khakhi trousers and black sneakers.

Request for assistance to locate Mokopane missing man
Kolobe Frans Lekalakala from Ga-Mokaba Village


He was physically described as dark in colours, with black and white hair, bears on his face and medium height and slender.

Several searches were conducted from his relatives, friends and within the villages, without success.

Anyone with information that can assist the police with information that can unite the missing man with his family can call Investigating Officer Warrant Officer Pat Mogoane on 0722452459. Crime Stop Number on 0860010111 or or the nearest police station or MySAPSApp.

Police in Mahwelereng  are investigating a case of a missing man following the disappearance of a 46-year-old mentally challenged male. Ntswele Martin Puka residing at Sekgakgapeng village in Mokopane, Limpopo has gone missing.  

According to the reports it is alleged that Martin was last seen while home by his family members on Friday 02 December 2022 at about 06:30.

He has since never been seen again at home. 

The Search team comprising members of SAPS and the family conducted searches from the surrounding areas as well as from the friends and relatives without success. 

Ntswele Martin Puka: Missing Man
Ntswele Martin Puka: Missing Man


It is reported that Martin during his disappearance was wearing Blue and White striped T-Shirt. Blue tracksuit pants with Blue and Black sneakers.  

Police are appealing to anyone with information that can assist to reunite Martin with his family to contact the investigating officer Warrant Officer Martha Seduke at 061 461 6613. Alternatively 082 565 9056 or the crime stop number at 08600 10111. Or report to the nearest police station or use MySAPSApp.

Police investigations and search operations are underway.

Police in Mahwelereng, Mokopane have launched a manhunt for the suspect(s) who murdered a 20- year-old grade 12 matric learner. 

His body was found with several stab wounds behind one of the blocks in the school premises  of Ben Hlongwane Secondary School on Sunday. 

Preliminary Police investigations revealed that the victim was part of a group of learners doing camping classes in preparation for the examinations.

He reportedly sneaked out yesterday, Saturday 26 November 2022. The guardians at school were looking for him but could not find him.


Further probes conducted at the scene point to a possibility that the victim might have been stabbed somewhere. Thereafter ran towards the school and collapsed behind one of the blocks in the school premises.

The deceased  was identified as Phillimon Mkomo from Tshamahansi village in Mahwelereng. 

MEC Visit limpopo Matric Exams


Limpopo Education MEC Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya has conveyed her deepest condolences to Mkomo’s family.  The Departmental also revealed another death of a grade 12 learner this week. 

“It is disturbing that in just one week we lose two grade 12 learners under similar circumstances. The idea of affording learners extra lessons at the school premises was meant to keep them focused on their school work in an endeavour to improve the matric result.

“It is a great loss to the family and to us as the department, we have invested so much on these learners and we hope this will be the last incident” MEC Lerule-Ramakhanya

The incident in Mokopane happened three days after another learner drowned in Sekhukhune East. This is after he allegedly got out of the school premises to a nearby river. His body was retrieved on Saturday afternoon, five kilometres from where he was last seen.

The Department urges parents, learners and society as a whole to work together to protect the youth and children.

Two Police officers attached to SAPS Mahwelereng, Mokopane have been arrested for soliciting a bribe from a suspect who was in trouble with the law enforcement.

Sergeant Lesiba Sekutu and Sergeant Elmond Seloma were granted bail of R 5000 each and their case was postponed to 30 January 2023.

The duo was also arrested on Thursday, 17 November, by the Limpopo Anti-Corruption Unit. They also made their first court appearance in the Mokerong Magistrate’s Court on the same day.


Their court appearance follows an incident in which a female suspect was arrested for Malicious damage to Property earlier this month. The two Police Sergeants allegedly demanded an enticement of R 1500 00. A bribe was for her not to be detained. Anti-corruption of Limpopo investigated the matter. A case docket of corruption and defeating the ends of justice was also opened at Mahwelereng Police Station. This subsequently led to the arrest of the two suspects.

Two police arrested for bribe in Mahwelereng
Two police arrested for bribe in Mahwelereng

Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has sent a stern warning. She warned against SAPS members who might be involved in acts of criminality.  

“We will not allow criminality within our ranks which has a potential to dent the image of the upstanding officers who are working hard to root out crime and corruption,” said Lieutenant General Hadebe.’



MEC for Transport and Community Safety Ms Florence Radzilani presented excellence awards to SAPS employees for going an extra mile when performing various tasks.

Recipients included police members from the lowest levels up to senior management. These also include cleaners employed by the South African Police Service. The awards were categorized into the following:

National Awards Category

National Special Awards Category

Provincial Commissioner Awards Category

Provincial Commissioner’s Special Awards Category

Four men were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Mahwelereng Regional court, outside Mokopane in Limpopo on 03 November 2022 for the murder of a 22-year-old man, Peter Keetsi in Mahwelereng.

The trial court found that the accused. Khulekani Dube 24, Saviors Mbedzi 23, Vusi Ncube 21, and Agreement Tlou 24, had on 31 August 2019, met the victim at about 00h30. They allegedly stabbed him several times. He was walking from the local tavern in Pholar Park.

The victim was taken to Mokopane Hospital and he later succumbed to the injuries.

The Case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) was initially opened. But was later changed to murder after the victim succumbed to the injury in the hospital. Detective Sergeant David Hlengane Matjeke attached to Mahwelereng Detectives was assigned to investigate the case. The suspects, all from Zimbabwe were tracked down and arrested on a farm in Lephalale the following month.


An additional charge of Contravention of the Immigration Act was added after it was revealed that the suspects were in the country illegally.

The four accused made several court appearances before being convicted and sentenced. All the accused each got life imprisonment for murder and two years imprisonment for Contravention of the Immigration Act or a fine of R5 000.00.


The Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has commended the investigating team.

“The harsh sentences are all thanks to the efforts and professionalism displayed during the investigation and presentation of evidence before court by the investigating officer Detective Sergeant David Hlengane Matjeke,” Said Lieutenant General Hadebe.

The rate of crime in Mokopane is 73.05 per 1,000 residents during 2021. In Mokopane, you have a 1 in 14 chance of becoming a victim of crime. The number of contact crimes in Mokopane has decreased by 44%. The property crime rate in Mokopane has decreased by 69% year over year.