The DA in Makhado, Limpopo are set to table a motion of no confidence against the newly elected Speaker, Gumani Mukwevho. The Party said they would table the motion at the next council meeting.

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They accuse Mukwevho of failing to apply Rule 19 of the Standing Rules of Order.  

“The Speaker’s failure to effectively chair council meetings and ensure compliance with the Council Code of Conduct, rules and orders is detrimental to the effective functioning of Makhado municipality.”

“On 21 December 2023 during a special council meeting, the novice ANC Speaker not only failed to apply rule 19 of Standing Rules of Order, which clearly states that only matters on the agenda may be debated. But also denied opposition members the opportunity to address council. Even proposed an item for the agenda from the Speaker’s chair,” said the DA. 

DA submit a motion of no confidence against Makhado Speaker Gumani Mukwevho
Makhado Municipality speaker Gumani Mukwevho


“On 31 January, some of the Speaker’s own cadres in council prevented a sitting from taking place by entering the house. But refusing to sign the attendance register.

“It is clear that ANC factionalism is preventing Makhado council from functioning. To serve the residents of the municipality amidst an escalating water crisis,” they said. 

“The DA is confident that the majority of councillors will put the residents of Makhado first. By also removing a clearly incompetent Speaker who is being used to serve the needs of the ruling party.”

Police have arrested two foreign nationals on Monday, 27 November 2023 for selling drugs on the streets of Makhado Town, Limpopo.  An intelligence-driven operation by the investigating team received valuable information about two suspects selling drugs.

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They proceeded to the place, and on arrival, the first suspect was searched. He was found in possession of 75 sachets of crystal meth drugs with an estimated street value of R 7000. The second suspect was found in possession of crystal meth, mandrax and Kat drugs. It had an estimated street value of R15 000.


The suspects were immediately arrested and detained. They will appear in the Makhado Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday 28 November 2023. They are facing charges of possession and dealing in drugs.

Commissioner of police in Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has hailed the collaborative efforts and commitment of the team in the fight against drug trafficking.

A 37-year-old foreign national suspect was apprehended for possession of drugs on Wednesday, 22 November 2023 in Polokwane.

The suspect was arrested during a joint operation by the Limpopo Organised Crime Unit. He was at a hiking spot, trying to catch a ride back home at Elim in Makhado under Vhembe District.

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During the arrest, one ball of heroin drugs with an estimated street value of R 4000, 00 was confiscated.

Another foreign national busted selling drugs in Polokwane
Jorissen Street


Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has commended the arrest of the suspect. She emphasized the commitment to combating drug trafficking in the province.

The suspect will appear before Polokwane Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 24 November 2023. He is facing a charge of possession of drugs.

A 35-year-old suspect previously linked with cases such as cash-in-transit, murder and carjacking in Vhembe, Limpopo has been re-arrested. The male suspect was released on bail for a spate of violent crimes committed in Vhembe District. This time he was arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

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The suspect was arrested on Monday afternoon 13 November 2023. This is after his motor vehicle was pulled off along the R524 road next to Makhado Crossing Mall by Makhado police. The vehicle was searched and a 9mm pistol with a serial number filed off and 5 rounds of ammunition were found hidden inside the vehicle.

Suspect linked with violent cases in Vhembe re-arrested 
Car belonging to the arrested suspect


Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspect was previously released on bail after he was arrested for cases ranging from cash-in-transit, murder, carjacking, burglary, robbery and possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. He was due to appear in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court on 13 December 2023.

Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has welcomed the arrest.

“We are committed to ensuring a safer festive season, intensifying efforts to address crime. Our members derived from various units continue to display their full commitment towards public safety,” said Lieutenant General Hadebe.

The suspect is expected to appear in the Makhado Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 15 November 2023. He is facing the recent charge of possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

The High Court in Pretoria has issued a preservation order of properties in Limpopo belonging to former chairperson of the National Lotteries Commission Professor Alfred Nevhutanda. This includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth R6.3 million as well as properties in Makhado and Polokwane. 

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The SIU also obtained a preservation order for Nevhutanda’s Waterkloof property valued at R27 million in June last year. 

The preservation order also prevents the accused from selling or transferring the properties. 

“The High Court order is to preserve four properties in Polokwane and Louis Trichardt. Three luxury vehicles (Rolls-Royce Phantom, BMW G30 520d Series Sedan, and BMW 7 Series Sedan M760 Li xDrive), with a combined value of approximately R14 million,” said the SIU in a statement. 

“The properties are preserved pending an application for a forfeiture order and registered owners are interdicted from dealing in any manner with the frozen properties. The 28 September 2023 preservation order was also granted in terms of section 38 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 120 of 1998.”


In terms of the High Court order, the following assets are preserved:

Office Park in Polokwane, Limpopo: The property was purchased in November 2015 for R1 005 480. A total of R264 400 and R741 080 stolen NLC funds were transferred to pay for the property. The stolen funds originated from grant funding of R80 million paid by the NLC to Community Development Organisation Lulamisa for hosting the Commonwealth Games in Durban. Lulamisa was hijacked to apply for the grant. The property was registered in the name of 2SP Investment Trust, a trust founded by Ntshengedzeni Alfred Nevhutanda, Chairperson of the NLC board at the time.


Vacant land in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo: The property was purchased in July 2017 for R750,000. A total of R600 000 and R20 961 stolen NLC funds were transferred to a conveyancing firm to pay the property. The stolen funds originated from grant funding of R23 720 000 paid by the NLC to the Nunnovation Africa Foundation NPC, to facilitate sports tournaments. The property was registered in the name of Fhulufhelo Promise Kharivhe, who is the live-in partner of Mokondeleli Collin Tshisimba. Both Kharivhe and Tshisimba are implicated in the first NLC preservation orders, where properties purchased with stolen NLC funds were registered in their names.

Portion of a farm in Brakspruit, Limpopo: The property was purchased in September 2017 for R780 000. A total of R750 000 and R30 000 stolen NLC funds were transferred to pay for the property. The stolen funds originated from grant funding of R9.5 million paid by the NLC to Limpopo Recreation Providers NPO for promoting cycling in Limpopo. When the NLC followed up on the project, they could not find the NPO at the address supplied in the application form. The NPO was subsequently declared delinquent as they did not provide the NLC with progress reports. The property was registered in the name of Tshisimba.


Erf 2580 Louis Trichardt Extension 11: The property was purchased in September 2019 for R900 00, a total of R700 000 and R200 000 stolen NLC funds used for payment of the property. The stolen funds originated from grant funding of R10 million paid by the NLC to Light Up Your World Foundation NPO (Light Up). Light Up was also hijacked to apply for an NLC grant. The property was registered in the name of Twala Front, a private company also with Kharivhe as its sole director.


BMW G30 520d Series Sedan: The BMW was bought in July 2017 for R995 000. A total of R595 000 stolen NLC funds was transferred to BMW Finance to settle the outstanding balance on the vehicle. The stolen NLC funds originated from grant funding of R23 720 000 paid by the NLC to Nunnovation NPO for promoting a healthy lifestyle and constructing a gymnasium. The BMW was registered in the name of Kharivhe.

BMW 7 Series Sedan M760 Li xDrive: The BMW was purchased in September 2017 for R2.8 million. A total of R1 million stolen NLC funds was paid towards the BMW as a deposit. The BMW was registered in the name of Meshack Makhubela, also the son-in-law of Nevhutanda.


Rolls-Royce Phantom: The Rolls-Royce was purchased in August 2016 by Nevhuthanda for R6.3 million. Over R4.5 million of stolen NLC funds was transferred to the dealership in five payments towards the purchase price of the Rolls-Royce. The first payment of R1 million originated from an NLC grant payment of R55.4 million to Tshikovha Graduate Academy to train the community about environment, water, and sanitation. The second payment of R1 million originated from an NLC grant payment of R24,9 million to the South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee for promoting and developing high performance sports.

The third payment of R574 185.13 originated from an NLC grant payment of R25 million to Simba Community Development Foundation NPO, for rebuilding a secondary school torched in Vuwani Village during community protests. The fourth and fifth payments of R1 million each originated from an NLC grant payment of R80 million to Lulamisa. The Rolls-Royce was registered in the name of Malwandla Solly Siweya, aka Rirhandzu Siweya (Siweya), who is also one of the “new” members of the hijacked Lulamisa. Lulamisa contributed the last R2 million towards the purchase price of the Rolls-Royce, so Siweya must have known that the R2 million originated from NLC funds.

Young farmer Mukovhe Ndou from Tshiozwi Village, Limpopo started his poultry farm in 2015 due to unemployment. The Takalani Poultry Farm is self-sustainable and helps to create jobs within the Makhado community.

The 23-year-old sells Chicken, Eggs, and plant vegetables to make a living. The idea of starting the Takalani Poultry Farm business started in 2015 after he had been looking for employment for many years, without success. He currently produces around 1,000 chicks which usually sell within three days.

“I told myself that, instead of going around looking for employment, I must create employment for myself,” he said.

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“I discovered my passion for farming after looking for employment for many years without success. I soon realised that I had a passion for farming and decided to open my own business.

“It is not easy to make a success of farming because there are many people around selling the very things and that makes the competition tough,” explained Ndou.

“The key is to be passionate about what you do and to be patient when things are going a bit rough,” he added.

How unemployment led to Limpopo poultry farmer finding his passion
Mukovhe Ndou from Tshiozwi Village in Limpopo

Ndou’s dream is to one day own a big farm and employ more young people.

“I have regular customers who come in every time and I always strive to live up to my promise to make everyone get Chicken, Eggs, and vegetables. I never thought I would one day become a farmer and never imagined my life as a farmer and farming was never my passion. In 2019 I sold all my chickens and bought pigs, I then decided to buy a hatchery machine so that I would be able to produce baby chickens. I managed to produce 1 056 baby chickens for the first time and since then, I have never looked back. In 2013, I started to plant vegetables such as Cabbage, Chillies, Onion, Butternut, and Mustard,” he said.


“My target market is the villagers, farmers, and business people who own Chisanyama. I can produce good live chicken and survive and make reasonable profits.

“I plan to employ more people on a full-time basis. To add more value to the fight against unemployment in the country. I am afraid to employ more people because there are times when nature becomes a challenge or does not favour us, and then we lose more on chicken,” he said.

Another body of an adult male was discovered in one of the rooms at the safe house in Eltivillas at Makhado, Limpopo following the shootout on Friday. This brings the total number of the deceased to 19 (17 males and 2 females). The Hawks together with a team of crime scene experts were busy processing the scene of crime.

The shootout was in response to the spate of cash-in-transit robberies in Limpopo, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga Provinces. It comes after an intelligence-driven project that was initiated in January this year.

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While the investigation was continuing, a multidisciplinary team consisting of the DPCI National Priority Violent Crime Desk, Mpumalanga DPCI, Limpopo DPCI, Head Office Tactical Operations Management Section, Tactical Response Team, Gauteng Special Task Force, Gauteng Traffic Police Saturation Unit and Head Office Counter Intelligence was assembled and kept an observation on the suspects who were planning to commit CIT in Makhado area on Friday.

The suspects were about to leave the house to execute their mission when they realised that they were being monitored. They started shooting at the team.

In a shootout that lasted for about 90 minutes, 19 suspects were killed instantly. Unfortunately, one DPCI member was injured during the shootout and rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

19th body discovered in Makhado shootout in Limpopo
Makhado shootout scene


The team found 11 firearms with lots of ammunition and multiple Magazines, (AK47, R1, R5 and a pistol). Also primed explosives plus detonators, boosters, lead cords and raw explosives.

Furthermore, five vehicles were impounded on the scene, (Ford Ranger, Mercedes Benz ML, Land Rover, Toyota Bakkie and VW Tiguan) of which three were positively reported stolen in Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces. The process of identifying the deceased will unfold on Monday, 4 September 2023.

Whilst the police were busy exchanging fire with the suspects in Makhado, another group of the police team proceeded to another safe house in Thohoyandou. Five suspects were arrested.

The suspects are believed to be part of those who were killed in Makhado. One suspected stolen vehicle (Volvo) and another vehicle with ambulance branding were found at the second address in Thohoyandou and they were also seized. It is believed that an ambulance-looking vehicle was going to be used to transport money after the heist.

Five suspects are expected to appear before the Vuwani Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 4 September 2023. They are facing charges relating to possession of suspected stolen motor vehicles.

The Inmates at Kutama-Sinthumule maximum prison in Makhado, Limpopo will be moved to other prisons. This was revealed by the Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola during a media briefing on Tuesday.

The Minister, accompanied by prison officials and other senior government officials, visited the prison. This follows a fire that broke out on Monday which caused panic.
It turns out the fire was started by prisoners in protest of some of the policies of the prison management. They raised grievances on the issue of prison transfers amongst others.

All 3000 inmates at Kutama-Sinthumule prison to be moved
Kutama-Sinthumule maximum prison

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Lamola has since revealed that the department has already begun the process of moving prisoners and it could take up to two weeks to finish the process.

“There are some that are already evacuated and as we speak they are on their way to various prisons across the country. But you would understand that a huge number of 3000 can’t be transported at a go. It will be an operation that will take some time maybe until Friday or it may take even two weeks or so. We will on a day-to-day basis transfer them across the country.


“The situation is under control. The officials of DCS and the Police have helped the situation to be under control,” said Lamola.

There is no one who has escaped even when the situation was violent last night. All efforts were made to ensure that no one escaped and that is the intention even now every effort is put to ensure that no one escapes until they are relocated to wherever they are going.

“That’s why you see that even the transport that is carrying them is under heavy guards. There is no one who can take a chance along the road that they are traveling.”

A family in Ha-Madodonga, Limpopo is reportedly living in fear after their daughter’s boyfriend stabbed the mother several times and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it.

According to the Limpopo Mirror, the Tshivhulawa family in the Kutama area under Makhado Municipality have lost hope regarding any assistance from the Police.

The victim, Pinkie Tshivhulawa, told the publication that everything started when the suspect entered their home on 15 June. He started assaulting her daughter. When she [the mother ] begged him to stop, he turned his anger on her and stabbed her multiple times with a knife.

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The incident was allegedly reported to the police at the time. Tshivhulawa was admitted at the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital, from where she was transferred to Polokwane Provincial Hospital. She was released from the hospital four days later.

The family of eight are currently being kept at the Tshilwavhusiku Police Station for their safety, while the police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.
Tshivhulawa accuses the police of being unsympathetic and not making any effort to bring the suspect to book.


“The police have failed us as a family. I have tried everything to have the man arrested, even going to the extent of directing the police where to find him, and still, nothing has happened. That man might strike again and finish us as he clearly intended to do.

“We are desperate and don’t know where else to seek help,” she said. Tshivhulawa believes the police are reluctant to arrest the suspect and are endangering their lives. “I fear he might do the worst and kill my daughter. She has children. Who will then look after them?” she said.

Limpopo police spokesperson Lt Col Malesela Ledwaba said that the investigation into the matter was still ongoing. Ledwaba confirmed that the suspect was still at large and urged members of the community to assist with information that could lead to his arrest.

A 41-year-old Pub Owner was shot and killed in Makhado, Limpopo on Saturday 01 July 2023 at about 23:53.

Police were informed about a shooting incident along 74 Krogh and Kwa Dollar streets. They quickly rushed to the area and on arrival found the lifeless body of the 41-year-old man.

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Further observations revealed that the deceased sustained multiple gunshot wounds on the upper body.

Preliminary investigations indicated that two unknown males entered the premises armed with firearms and randomly started to shoot at the patrons.

During the ordeal, five victims sustained injuries due to gunshots of stray bullets but a 41-year-old victim died on the scene.

It is further believed that the suspects fled the crime scene driving in a white VW Polo and silver Grey Mercedes-Benz motor vehicles. They had unknown registration numbers.


The motive of the horrific incident is currently unknown at this stage.

Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has ordered an immediate manhunt for unknown male suspects.

Police have also opened murder and attempted murder cases. Anyone with information that can assist with the investigations is encouraged to contact the Investigating Officer Lieutenant Colonel Richard Boshomane on the number 079 894 5501.

Warrant Officer Phaladi Makola on the number 082 749 2233. Crime stop number 0860010111 or nearest police station or MySAPSApp.