Judge Mandisa Maya has been nominated for the Chief Justice position by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The Chief Justice position will become vacant on 31 August 2024 when the term of office of Justice Raymond Zondo comes to an end.

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“President Cyril Ramaphosa has in terms of Section 174(3) of the Constitution embarked on a process of consultation with the leaders of political parties represented in Parliament, the Judicial Service Commission to convey his nomination of Judge Mandisa Muriel Lindelwa Maya as Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa,” the presidency said in a statement.

Judge Maya currently serves as Deputy Chief Justice. She has previously held the positions of Deputy President and President of the Supreme Court of Appeal.


The Chief Justice was appointed for a 12-year term with effect from 1 September 2012. The Chief Justice will therefore complete his term as a Justice of the Constitutional Court with effect from 31 August 2024.

President Ramaphosa has also invited the leaders of political parties represented in the National Assembly to make submissions on the suitability or otherwise of Deputy Chief Justice Maya to hold the office of Chief Justice.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has nominated Judge Mandisa Maya for Chief Justice
Judge Mandisa Maya

He has drawn the attention of leaders of political parties to Judge Maya’s illustrious judicial career. She was first appointed as a Judge of the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court in 2000.

Maya attained B.Proc (University of Transkei); LLB (University of Natal); and LLM (Duke University, North Carolina, United States of America) degrees. She has also obtained three LLD degrees (Honoraris) from the Universities of Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela.


President Ramaphosa has also nominated Justice Dumisani Hamilton Zondi as Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Appeal. Justice Zondi currently serves as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

The term of office of the Current Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Appeal, Justice Xola Petse, will come to an end on 10 July 2024. This is when he attains the age of 70 and will be automatically discharged from office.

Justice Zondi holds a B.Juris from the University of Fort Hare. An LLB from the University of Natal, as well as an LLM from Georgetown University in USA.

Following a successful career in practice, Justice Zondi was appointed to the Western Cape Bench in 2007. In 2011, he became a Judge of the Competition Appeal Court. Justice Zondi was elevated to the Supreme Court of Appeal in June 2014. In 2022, he was appointed as a Chairperson of the Electoral Court.

President Ramaphosa has invited the Judicial Service Commission to make submissions on Justice Zondi’s suitability for the position.

South Africans have rejected the analogy of the story Tintswalo by President Cyril Ramaphosa during the State of the Nation Address, SONA. During his address on Thursday, Ramaphosa said the first 30 years of South African democracy can be best told through the life of a child called Tintswalo. Born at the dawn of freedom in 1994.

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Tintswalo – democracy’s child – grew up in a society that was worlds apart from the South Africa of her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. She also grew up in a society governed by a constitution rooted in equality. The rule of law, and affirmation of the inherent dignity of every citizen,” explained Ramaphosa.

“Tintswalo, and many others born at the same time as her. Were beneficiaries of the first policies of the democratic state. To provide free health care for pregnant women and children under the age of six.

“Tintswalo’s formative years were spent in a house provided by the state, one of millions of houses built to shelter the poor. Tintswalo grew up in a household provided with basic water and electricity. In a house where her parents were likely to have lived without electricity before 1994,” he explained in Cape Town.

South Africans reject President Ramaphosa Tintswalo  State of the Nation Address, SONA story
President Cyril Ramaphosa at the State of the Nation Address 


“Tintswalo was enrolled in a school in which her parents did not have to pay school fees. Each school day she received a nutritious meal as part of a programme that today supports 9 million learners. The democratic state also provided a child support grant to meet her basic needs.

“This grant, together with other forms of social assistance, continues to be a lifeline for more than 26 million South Africans. With this support, Tintswalo – democracy’s child – was able to complete high school.”


Through the assistance of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, Tintswalo attended one of our TVET colleges and obtained a qualification. When Tintswalo entered the world of work, she was able to progress and thrive with the support of the state’s employment equity and black economic empowerment policies. With the income she earned, she was able to save, to start a family. To move into a better house, and to live a better life.”

However, the analogy was also met with heavy criticism from both opposition parties and on social media platforms.

“SONA SUCCINCTLY SUMMED UP! Tintswalo definitely doesn’t live in the Eastern Cape,” wrote Athol Trollip from Action SA. 

 “Meet Papago Tintswalo the first man since 1840 to lie to the nation with a straight face for 7yrs without shame. No wonder the EFF always disrupts every State of the Nation address. This guy’s voice has even started being annoying with his lies,” said Kabelo dick.

“On a serious note, I think Tintswalo’s story resonates with those of us who were children in the ’90s. We really benefited from the fruits of freedom. I don’t think the same can be said for many of those younger than us. Ama2000 got a raw deal,” said Dr. Sithembile Mbete.

“This #SONA2024 is a slap in the face to the thousands of young people who face multiple challenges to finish school. Look for work, find opportunities or even start their own business. Tintswalo’s story is NOT their story,” said Youth Capital SA.

The ANC have announced that its president Cyril Ramaphosa will on Tuesday visit the families of the Magoebaskloof Bus accident victims. The visit will also include a visit to the Mankweng Hospital outside Polokwane to visit the injured people.

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Five people lost their lives while many were injured when a bus travelling from Botlokwa, Limpopo to the 112-anniversary party in Mbombela. Reports indicate that three buses were following each other when the third bus hit the second one from behind and overturned into a gorge.


The president will start his visit in Mankweng before heading to Botlokwa to visit communities and address the public.

The President’s itinerary is as follows:

  1. Courtesy visit to patients
    9H30 -1OH00
    Mankweng Hospital
  2. MRI site inspection
    Mankweng Hospital
  3. Meeting five families of the deceased comrades
    Eisleben Community Hall
  4. Meet and greet patients who were discharged from different hospital
    Eisleben Community Hall
ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa to visit Magoebaskloof Bus accident families
Magoebaskloof Bus accident


“The ANC extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured. The party has directed the Provincial Government to offer comprehensive support to the accident victims and calls upon South African law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

“The ANC has visited the injured in the hospital on Sunday and noted their commendable progress towards recovery. Today, Monday 15 January 2024, the Provincial Secretary, Comrade Reuben Madadzhe, led a delegation of ANC Leaders as they visited the 5 bereaved families.”

“Additionally and in response to this tragedy, the ANC has formed a dedicated team to collaborate with the affected families and relevant stakeholders in planning for the memorial and funeral services. Further details regarding these services will be Communicated in due course.”

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday responded to the recent announcement by Jacob Zuma that he won’t vote for the party. During a media briefing on Saturday Zuma revealed that he will not vote for the party during the 2024 SA Elections. The 81-year-old also said he will be casting his vote for uMkhonto Wesizwe. The party has also not announced its leadership structure.

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“I cannot and will not campaign for the ANC of Ramaphosa,” he said.

“My conscience will not allow me to lie to the people of South Africa. Pretend that the ANC of Ramaphosa was the one of [late former ANC leaders Albert] Luthuli, [Oliver] Tambo, and [Nelson] Mandela.

“In 2024 I will vote for Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party. It has already been registered with the IEC, with my knowledge and blessings,” he said.

President Ramaphosa responds to Jacob Zuma's announcement
Jacob Zuma


In a media briefing following a meeting with the delegation of United Ulama Council and SA Friends of Palestine, Ramaphosa was asked about the announcement. 

“We all listened to that announcement and we have noted what he has said. What he has announced and that is as far as we are prepared to go at this point in time.

“Everyone in our country is free to express themselves in relation to who they will vote for. Why they will vote for them. We have noted what former president Jacob Zuma has announced. 

The two suspects Imanuwela David [39] and Froliana Joseph[30] arrested for the theft at Phala Phala farm made their first court appearances on Tuesday.

The two appeared before the Bela Bela Magistrates Court, Limpopo on Tuesday.

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The two suspects are from Namibia, one is a male, while the other one is a female. The female was at the time an employee at the Phalaphala Farm owned by President Cyril Ramaphosa. It is alleged that they stole over 580,000 USD.

Suspects at Phala Phala Farm theft make first court appearance
Phala Phala Farm in Limpopo


The case was remanded to Friday, 10 November for the accused to seek legal representation. The advocate dealing with the case is Senior State Advocate Nkhetheni Munyai while the presiding officer is Predeshni Poonan.

The two suspects appeared here at the Bela Bela Magistrate court. This relates to the theft of 580,000 USD at the president’s farm,” said NPA Limpopo Spokesperson Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi. 

“The two suspects are facing counts of conspiracy to commit housebreaking with intent to steal and theft, Housebreaking with intent to steal, and money laundering.

“In the first incident, the suspects went to the wrong farm, broke in, and entered but couldn’t steal anything. The following day they located the Phala Phala Farm and that’s where they got the money of 580,000 USD,” she said.

Froliana Joseph was an employee at the farm and was the one who invited the other accused. The court has also allowed Froliana to breastfeed her young newborn child at least three times a day.

Malabi- Dzhangi did not rule out the prospect of making more arrests before the two return to court on Friday. 

“At this stage, we can’t divulge that information, the investigations are still ongoing. Maybe on Friday, we might have something. We are working on that but we can’t divulge how many.”

Police have made two arrests in relation to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala Farm housebreaking and theft. Two suspects aged 39 and 30 will make their first appearance in the Bela Bela Magistrates Court, Limpopo on Tuesday.

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This follows their arrests on Sunday, 05 November 2023, and Monday, 06 November 2023 respectively. They are charged with housebreaking and theft.

Police confirm President Cyril Ramaphosa's Phala Phala Farm arrests
President Cyril Ramaphosa


The pair were arrested in Rustenburg and Bela Bela, respectively. The arrests were made by the members of the National Serious Corruption Investigation in relation to the farm break-in, in February 2020. The arrest of the third suspect is also imminent.

The Phala Phala Farm scandal has painted President Cyril Ramaphosa in a bad light. But the president was recently cleared by the SA reserve Bank as well as the Public Protector’s office. 

 Yesterday, the Sunday World carried out a report that one of the five men accused of stealing an undisclosed amount of US dollars threw a lavish birthday bash at his swanky lounge in Namibia. It was allegedly paid for by the proceeds of his daring heist.

Erkki Shikongo, is one of the five Namibian nationals accused of breaking into President Cyril Ramaphosa’s farmon February 9, 2020. He allegedly hosted his lavish birthday party north of Namibia and also gave away free food.


 Former spy chief, Arthur Fraser opened a case against Ramaphosa accusing him of money laundering, corruption, and covering up a large theft of cash.

In a sworn statement, Fraser said thieves had raided Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala game farm found at least $4 million in foreign cash hidden in furniture. 

His statement also included security video footage and also photos. President Ramaphosa has maintained his innocence since the scandal emerged. 

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared Friday, 15 December 2023 a public holiday in celebration of the Springboks Rugby World Cup triumph.

The Boks won their fourth World Cup when they beat New Zealand 12-11 in the final on Saturday.

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Ramaphosa had earlier hinted that he could declare a public holiday should the Springboks win the World Cup.

President Cyril Ramaphosa grants public Holiday to celebrate the Springboks
President Cyril Ramaphosa celebrate with the Springboks


In his ‘family address’ on Monday night, Ramaphosa said that the Boks rightfully calls for a moment to celebrate.

“I know that many of us want us to have a holiday now to celebrate. But we should all agree that we should give our matriculants time to focus on their exams and celebrate afterwards,” he said.
“In celebration of the Springboks’ momentous achievement and the achievements of all our other sports men and women. As a tribute to the resolve of our united nation, I am declaring Friday, 15th December 2023 as a public holiday.
“We declare this to be a day of hope, a day of celebration and unity. Our sports men and women have shown us what is possible. We will succeed and we will ensure that we leave no-one behind,” concluded Ramaphosa. 

“Our victorious Springboks will return home tomorrow. We will welcome them with great joy and jubilation. They will conduct a victory tour around the country and I will receive them at the Union Buildings later this week,” he said.

Ramaphosa has also called on South Africans to rally behind the Proteas Cricket team who are also participating in the World Cup in India.   “I want us to now rally behind the Proteas in the same way as we have given our support to the Springboks,” he said.   “I want us all to embark on a period of celebration culminating in a celebratory holiday after our matriculants have finished their exams and the Proteas have done the country proud at the Cricket World Cup.”

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa has accorded activist and stalwart Ms Lydia Komape-Ngwenya a Special Provincial Official Funeral, Category 2.

Komape-Ngwenya passed on on Wednesday, 11 October 2023 in Polokwane at the age of 88.

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Born and raised in a farm in the then Northern Transvaal, her political prominence took center stage in the mid-1970s. Her father worked as a deacon in Lutheran Mission looking after livestock and sweet potatoes while her mother moved to Johannesburg to find a job as a domestic worker.

Activist Komape-Ngwenya also moved to Johannesburg to seek work. In the mid-1970s she became one of the few senior women in the Metal and Allied Workers Union (MAWU).

She and other shop stewards were fired in 1976 for helping in organising the solidarity protest in the Soweto uprising. Komape-Ngwenya then got recruited on a full-time as a union organizer by MAWU.

In 1986 she returned to rural area and worked for Black Sash, and founded the Rural Women’s Movement (RWM) to attract greater attention to women’s issues in the negotiations to end apartheid. She used her experience to negotiate with tribal authorities for women’s involvement in socio-political participation of decision-making structures.


In 2009, President Kgalema Motlanthe awarded Komape-Ngwenya the Order of Luthuli in Bronze for her commitment to workers’ rights, the empowerment of rural women and the liberation of people from the hash arm of the apartheid government.

Post-1994, Komape-Ngwenya served at the National Assembly as a member of the Portfolio Committee on Agriculture and Land Affairs, a member of the Joint Monitoring Committee on Improvement of the Quality of Life and Status of Women and supported the passage of a maintenance Bill to grant legal recognition to customary marriages. She also served two terms as a member of the Limpopo Legislature until her retirement after the 2019 elections.

Premier of Limpopo Stanley Mathabatha has welcomed the decision to accord a Special Provincial Official Funeral.

“As a province and country, we have lost a giant, a woman and mother who fought endlessly for the emancipation of women at all costs. The Provincial Government conveys words of condolences to the family, friends and her comrades. Her star shall continue to shine bright in the sky with other fallen heroin and heroes of our struggle,” said Premier Mathabatha.


Date: 21 October 2023
Venue: Tsimanyane, Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality
Sekhukhune District Municipality
Time: 06:00

The latest Census results show that the South African population grew to 62 million in 2022, Stats SA announced the new population figures on Tuesday. 

The population of South Africa grew by 19,8 percentage points between 2011 and 2022. From 51,7 million persons in 2011 to 62 million persons in 2022. This is the largest percentage change in population size since 1996.

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The Black African population group constitutes the largest proportion of the South African population at 81,4%. They are followed by coloureds (8,2%), white (7,3%) and Indian/Asian (2,7%). 48,5% of the population is male and 51,5% is female.

Statistician-general Risenga Maluleke handed over the results to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The latest Census results show that the South African population grew to 62 million in 2022,
President Cyril Ramaphosa


Gauteng remains the most popular province with 15 million while the Northern Cape is the most sparsely populated with only 1.3-million people.

 More than half of the country’s people [56%] live in three provinces: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. 

Western Cape is now the third most populous province, up from fifth place in 2011.

Meanwhile, Limpopo is ranked fifth with 6 572 666 people, this is from 5 404 868 in 2011. 

Numbers per District

Capricorn – 1447103
Mopani – 1372873
Sekhukhune- 1336805
Vhembe- 1653022
Waterberg – 762862


Young children (0-14 years) 31,6%

Working age population (15-64 years) 61,4%

Elderly (65+ years) 6,9%

No schooling (20+ years) 14,1%

Higher education (20+ years) 9,9%

Number of households 1 811 565

Normal dwellings 94,7%

Flush toilets connected to sewerage 35,2%

Weekly refuse disposal service 32,0%

Access to piped water in the dwelling 31,4%

Electricity for lighting 95,5%

President Cyril Ramaphosa has arrived in Musina where he will preside over the launch of the Border Management Authority [BMA] in Limpopo.

The launch of the BMA follows its formal establishment and assumption of its status as a schedule 3 (A) public entity on 1 April 2023.

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The establishment of the BMA means that South Africa now has an integrated border management platform, with a single command and control with which to support the attainment of secure borders, safe travel and trade.

President Cyril Ramaphosa to launch Border Management Authority

As part of the launch, President Ramaphosa will receive President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa to hold official talks. Also to undertake a guided tour of the Beitbridge border, supported by members of the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee (IMCC) on the BMA.


The President will then proceed to officiate the launch of the BMA at the Musina Show Grounds. This will also include handing over a Sword to the Commissioner of the BMA to delegate the powers to lead the third law enforcement authority in the Republic.