Seshego Magistrate’s Court in Limpopo have on Monday, 29 April convicted and sentenced four accused  for murder of a 27-year-old man to life and 18 years imprisonment. 

During the trial, the court heard that on Sunday 28 October 2018, the four accused assaulted a 27-year-old man known as Phooko T in a mob related attack. They thought the victim was stealing from them. He was then taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he later  succumbed to his injuries. 

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 The incident was reported to Seshego police, and murder case was opened and investigated by Warrant Officer Sticks Pete, who, through his dedication, managed to arrest four males: Phineas Pitso Makololo  39, Lekau Tebogo Koopa 39, Tumelo Makoto Pheme 35; and Willy Kwena Pheme 35.

The four accused appeared before Seshego Magistrate’s Court on several  occasions until they were transferred to Polokwane prison. They appeared again on Monday 29, April 2024.


 The four were convicted and sentenced on one count :Murder. 

 Accused 1: Phineas Makololo, 18 years imprisonment, accused 2: Tebogo Koopa: 18 years imprisonment, accused 3: Tumelo Pheme 1 life imprisonment and accused 4: Willy Pheme, 1 life imprisonment. 

The Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe applauded the job  welldone by Warrant Officer Pete and the team. She further stated that if we keep on arresting people perpertuating mob related incidents, this  will send a strong message that you can run but can’t hide  from the long  arm of the Law.

Former police top cop General Riah Phiyega has taken matters into her own hands by instilling the spirit of being anti-crime amongst the youth of Makgofe outside Seshego. Phiyega was the National Police Commissioner between 2012 and 2016.

On Friday 19 April 2024, she presided over the awarding of certificates to 139 learners from Makgofe Secondary School and Molautsi Secondary School. This is for completing a year-long Communities and Justice Programme.

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The programme is aimed at educating young people about the danger of crime. The ceremony was held at Grace and Hope Special School in Seshego Zone 1 outside Polokwane.

The program fosters dialogue and understanding between communities and law enforcement officials as participants are taken to various security clusters to have a first hand experience of how the security clusters operate in the country. This includes visiting court proceedings, and prison facilities amongst others.


Phiyega is of the view that young people should be the eyes and ears of police in their communities and said that she is pleased with the commitment shown by the participants during the full program.

“I must say that the area of Makgofe known as a crime-riddled area will no longer be the same as a result of this program,” said Phiyega.

One of the participants, Jackson Buthane, a grade 12 learner is contemplating pursuing a career in criminal justice as a result of the program.

The Polokwane Municipality, Limpopo have rubbished reports that they have issued a letter of approval for the shutdown planned for Thursday, 4 April.

A shutdown is reportedly planned in Polokwane and surrounding areas such as Seshego, Mankweng, Lebowakgomo and Matlala. The activities have been labelled as illegal with the municipality and other stakeholders distancing themselves.  

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In a statement late on Wednesday, the Municipality warned its residents not to be confused by the letter.

“It has come to the attention of Polokwane Municipality that a letter circulating on various platforms may be causing confusion and frustration among residents. The letter suggests the approval of a march for Thursday, 04 April 2024,” they said.

Polokwane Municipality deny claims of issuing approval for shutdown
Polokwane Municipality headquarters 


“The municipality would like to clarify that while such a letter was issued, the march has been cancelled,” read a statement.

“Furthermore, it is essential to note that this march is unrelated to any anticipated illegal activities aimed at disrupting municipal and business operations within the city. Polokwane Municipality reiterates that no shutdown has been approved, as no application was received from the protesters in question.

“Therefore, Thursday, 04 April 2024, will proceed as a regular working day. All roads, businesses, shopping centers, and schools are expected to operate during their normal hours,” they said.

“In light of these circumstances, law enforcement will be on high alert to ensure uninterrupted operations. The municipality urges all stakeholders to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity related to potential shutdowns to the police.”

Police in Limpopo have issued a stern warning against the dissemination of threats, regarding potential shutdown in Polokwane and surrounding areas circulating on social media platforms. There have been threats of a potential shutdown in Seshego, Mankweng, Lebowakgomo and Matlala over a lack of service delivery.

But Commissioner of Police Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe is assuring the residents of Limpopo that the SAPS is closely monitoring these developments.

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“Law enforcement agencies are prepared to deal decisively and harshly with any individuals found responsible for instigating or participating in activities aimed at disrupting public order and safety. The SAPS will utilize all available resources to maintain law and order and ensure the protection of citizens and property,” said Lieutenant General Hadebe.

The public is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or threats to the nearest police station.

Meanwhile, Great North Transport have announced that they will shutdown their operations on Thursday due to the protest threats.

“Great North Transport has learned about a voice note and several posters calling for a shutdown on 4 April 2024. The targeted areas include Seshego, Mankweng and Matala. It is our considered view that GNT will not operate its buses in these affected areas,” the company said.

Public warned against threats of shutdown in Polokwane
Polokwane Municipality

“Over the past two years, our company lost two buses due to a community strike situation. Therefore taking precautionary measures to avoid losses and damages to these assets. As well as the safety of our commuters is paramount,” said Naazim Essa, GNT’s Acting Chief Executive Officer.

“Management will assess the situation throughout the day to determine whether to operate or not.”


The Polokwane Municipality has also expressed concern over the anticipated strike. “Polokwane Municipality expresses concern over ongoing anticipated illegal activities intended to disrupt normal municipal and business operations in the city,” said the Municipality.

“Polokwane Municipality has not approved any marches or shutdowns, as no applications were received from protesters.

“As a result, Thursday, 4 April 2024, is a regular working day. All roads and businesses, including shopping centers and schools, are expected to operate during their normal operating hours,” they added. “Law enforcement will be on high alert to ensure uninterrupted operations.”

Police in Limpopo have arrested a notorious suspect after a tense shootout in Ga-Manamela village outside Seshego on Monday. Members of the provincial murder and robbery unit acting on precise intelligence, located the suspect, who was wanted in connection with multiple serious crimes including attempted murder, murder and robbery with a firearm, committed in Mogwadi, Seshego and Mara.

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The suspect had been evading arrest, leading to a significant manhunt operation. Upon sighting law enforcement, the suspect engaged in a violent confrontation. Opening fire in an attempt to evade arrest.

The members responded with precision. After a brief but intense exchange. The wounded suspect was subdued and taken to hospital under the police guard.

Notorious suspect nabbed after shootout with Police in Seshego
Crime Scene


Limpopo Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe commended the bravery and skill of the officers involved in the operation.

“The success is a testament to the dedication and courage of our officers who face immense dangers to keep our communities safe,” the Provincial Commissioner stated.

“We will continue to pursue all those who seek to undermine the safety and security of our citizens with unwavering resolve.”

The 30-year-old suspect will appear before different Magistrate’s Courts in due course.

Members of the Seshego Polokwane Taxi Association on Monday staged a peaceful protest outside the Leeto-La Polokwane bus depot in Ladanna.

According to Capricorn FM News, the association is accusing the Polokwane municipality of failing to honour its contractual obligations in a shareholder deal that was brokered in 2017.

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Several taxis blocked the depot entrance. Buses had to be redirected from the road while commuters were forced to use alternative transport. Its Chairperson United Nemahungani told the station that the municipality owes them R32 million in shareholder dividends. This is despite the fact that some buses are no longer operating, and others need to be serviced.

Seshego Polokwane Taxi Association staged peaceful protest
Leeto-La Polokwane Bus


He says 50 drivers are not getting an income. They are only getting money from shareholder dividends since some of the buses stopped operating.

Nemahungani says the municipality overlooked affected drivers when appointing ticket examiners and now when they are absent in some buses the association cannot reprimand them because the examiners are employed by the municipality.

A 54-year-old father was stabbed to death by his biological son in Seshego Ext 71, Limpopo following an argument on Saturday. The 22-year-old suspect allegedly arrived home late and got into a heated argument with his father. He then stabbed him several times with a knife and fled the scene.

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In other incidents in the province, the body of an 81-year-old woman, which was already in an advanced state of decomposition, was discovered at her home in Ga Molepo, Boshega village. The matter was only reported to police on Saturday 17 February. The victim was found in a pool of blood and she was allegedly last seen the day before.

In Vuwani, police responded to a scene of a murder where a man was stabbed to death by unknown suspects. He was on his way home from the local liquor outlet in the early hours of Saturday, 17 February in Tshino Mukondeleli Village.

Father stabbed to death by his biological son in Seshego
Vuwani road sign

Meanwhile, Police in Bolobedu also responded to a complaint of murder at the Meloding section in GaKgapane Village. This is after the lifeless body of a 20-year-old man with a stab wound on his chest. He was found lying on the roadside.


The recent reports of the murders across the province have prompted the Limpopo Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe to order an immediate and thorough investigation.

“We cannot stand idly by as these heinous acts of violence continue to terrorize our communities. I have directed our best detectives and specialized units. To prioritize these cases and use all available resources to bring the perpetrators to justice swiftly,” she said.

The Provincial Commissioner also appeals to the public for any information that may assist in these investigations.

Police in Limpopo have opened two inquest dockets following the mysterious death of two men who passed on upon admission to Seshego Hospital during separate incidents on Tuesday 24 October. 

Police initially attended an inquest at Seshego Hospital after a 42-year-old man from Seshego Zone 5 passed on. This is after he was brought to hospital by his family at about 14:00.

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An inquest docket was then opened for further investigation. Later in the evening at about 22:00, Police received a similar report of a 26-year-old man from Moletjie Setlogong. He was allegedly brought to the hospital by his girlfriend and unfortunately passed on upon admission as well.

Mysterious death of two men at Seshego Hospital probed 
Seshego Hospital


Reports indicate that both deceased seemingly had complications while at home. They were rushed to the hospital where they later passed on.

“The cause of death is not yet known at this stage hence inquest dockets have been opened to determine the cause of death. Post-mortem is still to be conducted to establish the exact cause of death as well,” said Police. 

The Seshego regional court in Limpopo has sentenced a stepfather [52] to two lives in prison for raping his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

The court heard that the stepfather who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, repeatedly raped her in November 2019 in the absence of the mother.

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The Court heard that in January 2020 at about 08:30, the mother of the victim found the accused red-handed in a tussling with the victim trying to rape her. She wrapped herself with a towel as she was about to bathe and the mother found him in progress.

The victim further revealed the ordeal of the two previous incidents of rape that occurred in the year 2019. The victim kept it secret as she was threatened that if she revealed she would be killed by the accused.


The case of rape was opened against the Stepfather at Seshego Police Station. It was afterwards transferred to the Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit for further investigation.

The accused was granted bail after he handed himself to the Police following the successful manhunt for him from his place of employment.

The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has welcomed the Court outcome. She pointed out that this will serve as a deterrent to other rapists.

The Court has ordered that the details of the accused be endorsed in the Register for Sexual Offenders. He is also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

Afro-house DJ and record producer, Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa, known as Da Capo is back with the latest new Dance EP Bakone. Bakone means People from the North and Da Capo’s latest work pays homage to his roots.

The 31-year-old hails from Seshego Zone 3, outside Polokwane. Over the years, he has become a global sensation in the dance music scene.

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The self-taught producer and DJ first fell in love with house music at an early age, giving him a good ear for music and the unmistakable ability to create blazing sounds to keep waiting for more.

This also earned him a spot among the best DJs in South Africa and abroad. He is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s best when it comes to producing house music. At the age of 20-year, he signed his first recording deal with HN Records and began to solidify his presence in the Afro-house music scene with remixes and hit singles.

This multi-award-winning DJ and producer continually pushes the boundaries of the genre with his distinctive and captivating sense of groove, mesmerizing melodies, and ability to breathe new life into songs through his remixes, which have garnered him many accolades.

Da Capo releases new EP titled Bakone
Da Capo


“This EP marks the commencement of an extensive global tour, further solidifying his impact on the music industry across continents,” said Da Capo.

“Kicking off the EP is the pre-add track, Molili, release on June 23. Initially conceived by myself and Batundi, the song took shape with Lokau Kanza’s captivating hook.

“To infuse an authentic African essence, Batundi enlisted the talents of Nana Attah. His stellar performance and poignant lyrics gave the track a whole new depth and meaning,” he said.

The highly anticipated EP serves as a preview to his upcoming full album which is set to be released in late 2023. With a focus on the future of Afrotech, Bakone exudes power and is crafted for club enthusiasts.

The EP features carefully selected hidden gems from Da Capo’s repertoire and includes collaborations with renowned artists such as Batundi, Nana Attah, Lokau Kanza, and Da Africa Deep.