The EFF in Limpopo on Wednesday marched to the Hoerskool Ben Vorster School in Tzaneen over the recent racist utterances by one of their students Erhard Vorster. In a video circulating on social media Vorster, who is also a Grade 9 learner at the school, can be seen calling a black content creator Sonwabile D by the K*** word.

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Vorster, who was seated alongside a fellow white female person, also burst into laughter immediately. The video has since caused anger amongst concerned South Africans.

The EFF in Limpopo on Wednesday marched to the Hoërskool Ben Vorster School in Tzaneen over the recent racist utterances by one of their students Erhard Vorster.
EFF Limpopo members at Hoerskool Ben Vorster in Tzaneen over racist incident by Erhard Vorster

The EFF led by the Provincial Treasurer Tinyiko Manganyi were also engaged in a meeting with the management at the school.

“It is with deep concern and profound disappointment that the EFF addresses the recent racist incident involving Sonwabile D. A content creator, who fell victim to a hate crime during a live stream on 28th November 2023. This reprehensible act occurred when Sonwabile D was targeted with racial slurs. Including being called a derogatory term by Erhard Vorster.

“The EFF vehemently condemns the actions of Erhard Vorster. We view this incident as a clear manifestation of the deep-rooted racism and hatred that persists in our society,” said EFF in a statement.

The EFF in Limpopo on Wednesday marched to the Hoërskool Ben Vorster School in Tzaneen over the recent racist utterances by one of their students Erhard Vorster.
Hoerskool Ben Vorster


“It is disheartening that a young individual, considered a “born free,” has exhibited such offensive behavior, indicative of the racial prejudices that have been instilled through societal influences.

“We call for immediate and decisive action to be taken against Erhard Vorster and the school where he is enrolled. Racism has no place in our educational institutions. It is essential that incidents of this nature are addressed swiftly and effectively,” said the organization.


“The impact of such actions extends beyond the immediate victim, affecting the broader community and perpetuating harmful stereotypes. The EFF urges the relevant authorities, including the school administration and local law enforcement, to conduct a thorough investigation into this incident.

“It is crucial that appropriate measures are taken to hold Erhard Vorster accountable for his actions. To also implement educational programs that address and combat racism within the school environment.”

An application has been made to the Limpopo Provincial Geographical Names Committee (LPGNC) to rename Danie Joubert Street in Tzaneen to former Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri Street.

Nokeri who is from Gavaza village in Tzaneen, Mopani District was crowned Miss South Africa in 2022. She received a heroic three-day welcome which included breakfast by the premier of Limpopo, Stanley Mathabatha accompanied by MECs. This was followed by a street parade in and around the City of Polokwane and a welcome ceremony in Tzaneen.

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The application is one of the 11 proposed name changes within the Tzaneen Municipality sent to the LPGNC. It was submitted by Mr Vukosi Mathale.


The Limpopo Provincial Geographical Names Committee is set to have a consultative meeting with the Tzaneen Municipality on Friday, 24 November over the name change proposals. This also includes the proposal of the Ndavi Nokeri Street.

This also includes an application by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba for the name change of Makgoebaskloof Dam to Makgobaskloof Dam.


The DA on Wednesday also indicated that it would challenge the application for the proposal to change Tzaneen to Tshaneng Town. As well as Haenertsburg to Bjatladi GA-Makgoba. Both these two applications were made by Mr Jimmy Khubjana.

“While redress is crucial, Haenertsburg and Tzaneen were not established through a war or any displacement of local people,” said the DA.

‘The DA will introduce an online petition to the community of Tzaneen, who is already outraged by this process. [We] will submit it to the Name Change Committee and the parliamentary petitions committee. As well as to the Limpopo Provincial Geographical Names Committee.”

Full list of name change proposals: 

 Call for Joubert Street in Tzaneen to be renamed after former Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri

The DA in Limpopo wants to introduce an online petition against the proposed name changes of Tzaneen to Tshaneng Town and Haenertsburg to Bjatladi Ga-Makgoba. This comes after the Limpopo Geographical Names Committee sought a consultation meeting with the Greater Tzaneen Municipality over the applications for the name changes.

A resident of Tzaneen Jimmy Khubjana has made an application for amongst others change of the Tzaneen and Haenertsburg names.

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Amongst the names that Khubjane has sent an application for a change includes Debengeni Waterfall to Dipitseng Dokodiba Ga-Makgoba. Woodbush/Houtbosdorp to Lwala Le Meetsi. Ebenezer Dam to Mabele-Battlefield. R71 road to King Mamphoku/Makgoba Road or kgosi Makgoba road. Tzaneen Dam to Tshaneng Masetla Dam.

Objections to Tzaneen name change to Tshaneng Town proposal
Debengeni Waterfall

However, the DA is opposed to the proposals and argues that some of the proposed name changes do not meet the criteria stipulated in the South African Geographical Name Changes Handbook.


“It is concerning that the LPGNC has proceeded with a name change process which by their own standards are unsuitable,” said DA.

“This is further indicative that the process is merely for political gain before the upcoming elections. To distract voters from serious service delivery challenges within the Tzaneen municipality.

“The DA will introduce an online petition to the community of Tzaneen, who is already outraged by this process. [We] will submit it to the Name Change Committee and the parliamentary petitions committee. As well as to the Limpopo Provincial Geographical Names Committee.”

The Health department in Limpopo has rubbished claims that staff members at the Letaba Hospital ignored calls for help when an epileptic patient began experiencing seizures and instead continued with their meeting.

It is alleged the patient had an episode of seizures while waiting to collect medication at the hospital last week.

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People who were around the patient captured the unfortunate incident which has since made the rounds on social media. The department has since condemned the circulation of the video footage and pictures.

Health denies claims of neglecting epileptic patient in Letaba Hospital
Greater Letaba Municipality

Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba has called on members of the public to stop circulating images.

“It is unfortunate that when the patient started experiencing the seizure episode which included temporary abnormalities in muscle movements meaning stiffness, twitching and limpness, while on the floor, a known mental healthcare user who was also in the queue to collect his chronic medications, started taking pictures. These are the pictures circulating all over with fabricated stories,” said the department.

“The pharmacists were quick to respond. They called the casualty nurses who came with the doctor and stabilized the patient by stopping the seizures and admitting the patient who was later discharged. The patient came alone with no escort. Hence the hospital informed the father who unfortunately was held up and couldn’t come. However he confirmed that these episodes happened so often,” they explained.


“As the department, we are more worried about the condition of our patient which can simply mean it’s probably not properly controlled and more investigations must be done.

“We don’t expect well-controlled epileptic patients who comply with medication to have more frequent seizures as confirmed by the father,” They said.

“We are equally disturbed by the delinquents who masqueraded themselves as journalists. Disregarding the patient’s basic human rights and circulating pictures of a patient in a compromised position.

“We encourage a collective focus on upholding patient dignity, respect, and prompt medical intervention in all circumstances,” said Dr Ramathuba

Thugs continue to target hitchhikers in Limpopo after a man was robbed of his belongings on Sunday after being offered a lift to Haenertsburg. The incident took place along Marensky and Politsi roads on Sunday, 05 November 2023, at about 10:45.

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The victim was offered a lift to Haenertsburg by a group of three unknown men. They were driving a white Polo sedan at Tzaneen, along R71 Road. Along the way, he was asked personal questions. He became suspicious and wanted to get off before he reached his destination.


When one of the suspects who was sitting with him at the back produced a firearm and pointed it at him, he was searched. An undisclosed amount of cash and a cellphone were taken away from him.

They drove off with his other belongings in a bag and left him in the bushes at Politsi. The incident was immediately reported to the police, and a robbery with a firearm case was also opened.

Haenertsburg police are investigating a case of robbery with a firearm. Anyone who can assist with information about the suspects should report the incident to Colonel Zitha Phoyisa at 082 414 3309, Tzaneen police station. Crime stop number 0860010111, or also share information on MySAPSApp.

Police in Letsitele outside Tzaneen have opened an Inquest docket following the mysterious death of a 33-year-old man while sleeping on Wednesday. Jacky Zitha was found dead at Maweni-Nkambako village outside Tzaneen in Limpopo.

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It is reported that the Police received a report of a mysterious death of a male person aged 33 years while sleeping. Upon arrival, they discovered a lifeless body lying on the mattress in the house without any visible injuries.


It is reported that upon searches conducted within the perimeter of the scene. An unknown substance suspected to be poison was discovered in a pit toilet wrapped in plastic. Forensic investigations will determine the origin of the suspected poisonous substance.

The circumstances surrounding the death are under investigation and autopsy results will determine the cause of death. The element of suicide cannot be ruled out at this stage.

The first-ever public screening of films produced in Limpopo as part of a 12-month learnership programme will be held on 25 and 26 October in Tickyline village outside Tzaneen.

This follows a year-long intensive training in film and television production. A 21-team of young people produced five documentary films.

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After a two-day film showcase, Bolobathaba Media Group will host a graduation and award-giving ceremony on Friday, 27 October.

“We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes planning for this day. The seed funding from the NFVF through PESP4 gave this project a boost, and we now have sponsors and stakeholders on board supporting this course,” said project founder Molatelo Bossman.


“It’s not every day that you get learners on such a programme to produce films of this nature, it’s unheard of. We knew we had to do something about the films, and we worked tirelessly in ensuring the learners get rewarded for their hard work, and their films get to be enjoyed by audiences,” he said.

The project has gone as far as hosting a five-day Career Guidance week from 16-20 October 2023 in Mopani District.

The schools that benefited from the creative sectors career week in Mopani are:

  1. Greater Letaba Municipality – Mohumi Secondary School [Sekgopa village]
  2. Maruleng Municipality – Seagotle Secondary School [Sofaya Village, Sekororo]
  3. Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality – Lepato High School [Makhushane Village]
  4. Giyani Municipality – Nwamavimbi High School [Shimausa Village]
  5. Greater Tzaneen Municipality – Mahwahwa Secondary School [Nkambako Village]

 “We are grateful for the support of our sponsors, MTN, Absa, Love Life, and Film and Publication Board [FPB] during the media and creative sector career week,” added Bossman.

*Bolobathaba Media Group is a multimedia production company and training academy based in Tickyline, Tzaneen. They are one of the few successful private training providers that offer media-related qualifications in Limpopo. They have been in existence for 13 years, and implement skills development programmes with support from MICT SETA and NFVF.

Police in Limpopo are looking for two suspects who shot and killed a 44-year-old motorist and raped a passenger in Tzaneen.

It is alleged that on Friday, 13 October 2023 at about 13:00, the Police in Tzaneen received a report of Rape in the outskirts of Tzaneen near the SAPS Supply Chain Management Offices.

They rushed to the scene where they found a 30-year-old woman who reported to the Police that she was traveling in a Suzuki Swift sedan with a 44-year-old male.

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Along the way on R71 road next to Sasol Garage, they offered a lift to two African males. While traveling along the Georges Valley road, one of the passengers asked the driver to stop and pull the handbrake.

The driver refused to pull the handbrake. That is when one of them pulled out a firearm and shot him point blank from the back. They instructed the lady to move to the back seat and drove with her towards Town. They then dumped the deceased on a gravel road and drove away with the woman.


They robbed her of cash, bank cards, cellphones and made cash transactions with their cards. They further drove to the bushes and raped her and fled the scene leaving her behind.

The victim managed to walk until she reached the supply chain in Tzaneen. She reported the matter to the Police. The vehicle was later found burnt at the Letsitele Policing precinct.

The Police are investigating a case of murder, rape, malicious damage to property, robbery with a firearm, and carjacking.

Anyone with information that can assist in the apprehension of these suspects may contact Warrant Officer Phaladi Makola on the number 082 749 2233. Also the nearest Police Station or Crime Stop Number 08600 10111 or MysapsApp.

Godlip Reason Seoka, a Tzaneen serial rapist, received a sentence of 85 years on seven counts of rape by the Polokwane High Court.

The court noted that the accused terrorized the communities of Bolobedu and Tzaneen, Limpopo between the years 2015 and 2016 by raping and robbing women of their belongings. 

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He targeted unsuspecting women on their way to Tzaneen who did not know the area very well and offered assistance. In doing so, he would lure them to secluded areas.

The accused would then rape and rob the victims of their belongings. He would also target women hitchhiking on the R71 road near Tzaneen Spar on the way to Phalaborwa and Giyani. One of the victims was also hacked with a panga during the incident. 

The Police received a tip-off, and the operation was conducted. The accused was arrested on Wednesday, 28 December 2022, following a lengthy investigation and was charged with rape and robbery. 

The case was transferred to Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offenses Tzaneen for further investigation.

Sergeant Glenda Mathebula was assigned to investigate the case, and the accused was denied bail until he was found guilty by the Polokwane High Court. 


Seoka was convicted and sentenced on seven counts, as follows: 

1. Count 1 Rape – sentenced to 23 years imprisonment Count 3 Rape – sentenced to 15 years imprisonment

 2. Count 5 Rape – sentenced to 8 years imprisonment

3. Count 7 Rape- sentenced to 8 years imprisonment

4. Count 9 Rape – sentenced to 8 years imprisonment

5. Count 11 Rape – sentenced to 8 years imprisonment 

6. Count 13 Rape – sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Count 3,5, 7, 9, and 13 to run concurrently with count 1. He was also declared unfit to possess a firearm in terms of Section 103(1)(g) of Act 60/2000.

The Limpopo Department of Health has refuted allegations that Emergency Medical Services personnel abandoned a sick child from Nkamabako village, Tzaneen who later died.

The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo have alleged the child fell sick at home after she was discharged from the hospital. When the family called an ambulance, the EMS personnel arrived unequipped with another patient in the ambulance.

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According to the DA, the 12-year-old was taken to the Letaba Hospital on Friday 29 September. She was allegedly suffering from severe headaches, and stomach pain and was too weak to walk on her own. She was sent for x-rays and then discharged as the hospital could not find anything wrong with her.

They further allege that the EMS crew from the hospital entered the home with no equipment. Apparently, they checked the child’s eyes and mouth and then stated that they were not equipped to assist the child.

“They further advised that they had a pregnant woman in the ambulance. They would have to call another ambulance from Letaba, and then left the child. Two hours later, the second ambulance arrived from Letaba, who declared the child had died,” said the DA.


In a statement issued on Monday, the department labeled the allegation as lies.

“Indeed, our EMS Basic Life Support crew from Grace Mugodeni station responded to the call as it is alleged. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the crew found that the child had already demised which is classified as Priority Four (P4) in terms of our triage system because there was no cardio-respiratory activities after examining the body of the child.

“The crew informed the family that unfortunately the child is no more based on their findings, however as Basic Ambulance Assistants(BAA) in terms of their scope of practice as per regulation, they will require services of an Intermediate Life Supporter( ILS) to confirm and certify the death which they did call them.”

“Another call to respond to another emergency which was a Priority two (P2) came in. The crew had to leave a P4 to attend to a P2 as per the norms and standards to avoid losing a life where we still have an opportunity to save. The departure of the first crew had nothing to do with lack of equipment as it is wrongly reported by the DA. But it was a matter of protocol in terms of the regulation.”