ANC’s electoral committee secretary Chief Livhuwani Matsila survived a 20-hour kidnapping ordeal last week. The City Press carried a report on Sunday that Matsila was kidnapped by people who were asking questions about his role in the ANC.

Chief Matsila has also been vocal against those implicated in the VBS Mutual Bank scandal. He was kidnapped on Sunday and released on Monday morning after making means to pay ransom money.

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Matsila has described the incident as the most terrifying moment of his life. “Terrifying [incident] indeed. Very scary. I have never really experienced something like this,” he told SABC Radio Station SA FM on Monday.

“Of course, this is the third time that I was confronted by criminals. So I was driving home from Sandton where I was going to rest in Pretoria. As I was traveling, there was a car that was following me.

“I couldn’t see what kind of car but definitely I started to realise that the car was following me. So my thinking was that they wanted to corner me when I got to the gate at my place of residence,” he explained.

ANC official Chief Livhuwani Matsila shares kidnapping ordeal
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“Suddenly they turned on the blue lights and they looked like the normal VIP kind of car but not the Police because the car was not even marked. So they overtook me and stopped abruptly infront of me.

“I reversed in panic trying to run away and two gentlemen came out of the car holding guns and they had dull police uniforms including bulletproof vests branded as Police,” he continued.

“They forced me and pushed me into their car, ordered me to lie down in the back seat. Tied my hands with a cable tie and put some folding material all over my face and they drove with me at a very high speed.

They then started telling me that if they could get the money they could consider letting me go unharmed. But if they didn’t get the money they would definitely have to execute me,” explained Matsila.

“So I asked how much money and they asked how much is your life worth then they asked R 10 million. So we discussed until midnight until I could get hold of a nephew who had some cash on him.”

Matsila was released on Monday morning in Hartbeespoort after making arrangements with people close to him to organise the money.